What Was I Saying?


If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed a significant lack of personal posts lately. If you’re a new reader or just stopping by, you’ll have to take my word for it: my blog has been awash in sponsored posts, moreso than usual.

But I’m not here to apologize for that or declare that I am putting the “me” back in my blog.

The same way I feel that a blog doesn’t need to have a niche, I feel a blog doesn’t need to have a static purpose and fill a static need for the blogger or the reader. Maybe that’s bending the laws of blogging physics too far, but I believe a blog is a living, organic thing coming from a living, organic mind – and it’s sometimes going to follow the winding, complicated life path of the blogger.

Lately, my own winding, complicated life path has left me uninterested in sharing a lot of personal stories. If I did, chances are they would sound a lot like this: blahblahblah-alone-blahblahblah-moving-blahblahblah-don’t know where-blahblahblah-graduation-blahblahblah-stress-blah-blah-stress-blah-stressstress.

My family is on the cusp of not one but MANY significant life changes, and it has me wanting to hunker down instead of chatting it up on my blog. But I don’t want to lose this lifeline altogether, and the product posts are still fun and a great distraction from rocking back and forth, keening in the corner.

A favorite author, BrenĂ© Brown, teaches that there is power in vulnerability, and that to live with our whole hearts we need to “talk about the things that get in the way” (like vulnerability, fear, stress, etc). Maybe I should be experimenting more upon her word, and maybe I will. And maybe that will be here on the blog, and maybe it won’t.

I do look forward to the day my life path takes a turn and the road ahead is straighter, clearer. And I’m guessing that when it does, this blog will, too.