Sea World San Antonio at Christmastime

The week after Christmas, the kids were anxious to get out on an adventure. Realizing that our Sea World San Antonio passes would expire at the end of the year, we decided to take a very impromptu trip west.

For some reason, I was not expecting how fun and festive the park would be! Sea World San Antonio was awash in decorations, and Christmas music played in every corner of the park.

Sea World San Antonio christmas decorations 2

The weather was perfect – clear and in the mid-60’s. The crowds were totally manageable and oftentimes the kids were able to go straight onto the rides. They even went 10 TIMES in a row on Journey to Atlantis! (that’s GOT to be some kind of record)

We broke into two groups at one point, my husband taking the middle three kids, and my oldest daughter, youngest son, and I together.

For our part, we hung out most of the time in and around the Sesame Street Bay of Play. The splash pad was running, but it was a bit too cool to take my 4yo through. Instead, we just scaled the nets, waved at the Sesame Street characters who were there, played on the large play structure under the trees, and of course rode the smaller “kiddie” rides.

The Carousel at Sea World San Antonio

We also made sure to catch Azul, the Sea World San Antonio show with the dolphins and beluga whales. We had never seen it before and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was AMAZING. We showed up about 20 minutes before the start of the show, and got pretty good seats.

Sea World San Antonio Azul show

The show was set to Christmas music, which just made it more festive. The dolphins and beluga whales were certainly entertaining, but I think I was most floored by the high-flying divers and acrobats. I kept gasping at their various feats.

My 4yo was done at the park before the rest of the kids wanted to leave, so we decided to send me back to the hotel with him while my husband and older kids went back into Sea World.

Apparently, after about 7pm there were hardly any people left on the rides (although my kids said the shows were still packed). My husband and kids took advantage and went on Steel Eel twice and Great White four (or five, depending on the kid) times!

My husband snapped this pic of our kids at the end of the evening, after a full day of nearly-unlimited roller coaster rides:

kids after roller coasters at Sea World San Antonio

Ha! They all went to bed feeling pretty “green” that night, but everyone agreed that it was a fantastic day.

We have been to Sea World San Antonio at other times during the¬†year, but I would have to say that Christmastime is now my favorite. I loved how festive it was, that the weather was pretty fantastic, and that the crowds were light. Let’s see if we make this a new family tradition!

*Disclosure: Although I received our family’s passes because of my blogging relationship with Sea World, this particular visit was apart from my responsibilities with them, and I had no obligation to post. It just turned out to be a really special family experience and I wanted to share! All opinions expressed are honest and my own.