Photos from a Walking Tour of Chicago

One thing we discovered right away during our trip to Chicago: it’s the perfect city for walking!

(*note: to see the route we took during this day of sightseeing, here’s the map)

The flat sidewalks are in good condition and often wide, and everywhere you turn, there seems to be something new and beautiful to see in the architecture of the buildings all around!

Our hotel was perfectly located, too – on the corner of Wacker and State, very near to many awesome sites.

From our hotel window we could see the famous Chicago theater:

Chicago theater from our hotel room

A quick walk up State Street got us up close and personal:

Chicago Theater on State Street

Just “next door” was Macy’s (Marshall Field’s), all decked out for Christmas:

Macy's at Christmas 1

Macy's at Christmas 2

We then took the short walk down Randolph Street to Michigan Avenue, turned north and headed for The Magnificent Mile.

The Magnificent Mile

True, the Magnificent Mile is known for its upscale department stores and luxury retailers, but I was more enthralled with the buildings and architecture!

The Wrigley Building:

Wrigley Building

The Chicago Tribune Tower:

The Chicago Tribune Tower

Also part of the Chicago Tribune Tower: the 136 fragments of important/historic places incorporated into the building of the tower:

Rocks in the Chicago Tribune Tower

We turned from Michigan Avenue onto Ontario, since my husband spied a Portillo’s on that street earlier in the day, and we were eager to try a Chicago dog.

But first, a few more randomly beautiful sites on and near Michigan:

random Chicago architecture

After lunch, we took Clark Street across the Chicago River back to our hotel. (it had snowed that morning and was only about 30 degrees during our walk. you can tell we’re pretty cold!)

Robb and Stacey on bridge over Chicago River

Behind us you can see the garage portion of Marina City, or “the corncob buildings” as we called them all weekend. Both Marina City and Trump Tower were very near our hotel and visible from our room.

Marina City and Trump Tower

Considering I was quite sick during our weekend in Chicago, it’s amazing we were able to see as much as we did. We would have done a lot more walking if I had felt better, I’m sure.

I’ll post soon about two other big highlights of our visit: Navy Pier and the Willis (Sears) Tower.