I Use My Grandmother’s Dishes

Some people have heirloom dishes and keep them in a cupboard, or maybe even packed away in boxes. When I was given pieces from my grandmother’s set of dishes, I knew right away that I would use them.

grandmother's dishes

Not only do I collect rooster decor in my kitchen and love the motif, but using the dishes every week (as I do) helps me feel close to her.

My grandmother, Hattie Morris Gray, died when I was very young. As far as grandmothers go, she was young, too, succumbing to breast cancer in her 50’s. In all honesty, I do not remember her, and that makes me sad.

In our adulthood, my sisters and I have done little things to honor her – my twin participated in an walk for breast cancer, I captained a team at a local Relay for Life.

Envisioning her while doing these things helps us keep her close, I think, and gives us a chance to help others.

American Cancer Society is doing all they can to help families dealing with cancer, and as they say in the video below, to “create more birthdays every year.” I wish it was memories of birthday parties or pictures of us together that helped me feel closer to my grandmother, but for now, I cherish her dishes and love to wonder what they were like in her hands, and what she would think of them now in mine.

This video is dedicated to her:

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.