Respect the Bird: a Thanksgiving Pledge

I have a confession to make: I’m pretty eager about Christmas this year. Not because I have any more money than years past to buy my kids presents without stress and worry. And not because we will finally be with family instead of on our own in Timbuktu, Texas. And not because I’m a fan of the commercialization of it all.

I think I’m eager for Christmas because I need a mental break from the ordinary. I need to feel the Spirit of the season. I need to know I will at least have time with *my* family to enjoy traditions and time and memories. I need to be enveloped in the stream of songs about Christ coming from my mainstream radio channel.

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to Christmas.



I cannot let myself forget about Thanksgiving! And this season of gratitude (that, incidentally, prepares us in a special way for receiving with open hearts the blessing that is Christmas).

I can’t forget about the special memories made around the amazing Thanksgiving feast my husband prepares so diligently every year.

And the pies. Ohhhhh, the pies.

In reminding myself to slow down and appreciate this month, THIS holiday, I’ve been charmed by a movement created by called Respect the Bird.

The movement itself encourages people to take a Pledge to “ruffle feathers as much as possible and restore Thanksgiving to its rightful place as a meaningful, respected American holiday, not one that’s merely a one-day delicious afterthought between Halloween and Christmas.”

More than that, the Respect the Bird website is a fabulous resource for how-to cooking videos, recipes, tips and tricks as you prepare for Thanksgiving, and an opportunity to win some fun kitchen-related prizes.

In addition to taking the Pledge and visiting the website, you can follow the Respect the Bird movement on Facebook and Twitter (where they’re using the hashtags #RTB and #savethanksgiving).

Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas, and I may have even purchased (and eaten!) my first box of candy canes. But I’m going to slow it down a bit and make sure to cherish the spirit of Thanksgiving first. I’m doing my best to Respect the Bird!

respect the bird

*Disclosure: I have no material connection to or Respect the Bird. Although I was first told about this campaign by a PR company, I was not obligated or compensated to post about it. I honestly think it’s a fun, worthwhile topic and posted because of my own interests. And I hope that you have the most grateful and enjoyable of Thanksgivings this year!