22 Truths and a Lie

I’m trying something new this week and tapping in to the creative genius known as Mama Kat (aka @MamaKatsLosinIt). She hosts a weekly writer’s workshop with prompts to get the juices flowing, and even has a snazzy little button to show for it:

Mama’s Losin’ It

Of the suggested prompts for this week, I thought I’d share with you 22 Things I’ve Done (and 1 I haven’t). If you’d like further explanation on any of these, please leave your request in the comments, and I shall oblige!


I have…

  1. walked the Golden Gate Bridge
  2. shared my mother’s womb
  3. thrown up on the steps of the University of Oregon Law School
  4. been blogging for almost 6 years
  5. converted, wholly, to a new religion
  6. had plastic surgery
  7. cried tonight
  8. driven nearly 4,000 miles of a road trip, by myself, with all 5 of my kids
  9. seen a show on Broadway
  10. not been the kind of friend I ought to be
  11. met Huey Lewis
  12. been on the local news
  13. stolen candy
  14. overcome a serious phobia
  15. won a contest that I will always believe changed my life
  16. graduated college, with honors, as the mom of 4 young children
  17. kept a destructive secret
  18. sailed a boat
  19. told my children to Go Away
  20. as a grown woman, tee-peed another grown woman’s house
  21. been *the* Easter Bunny at the local mall
  22. laughed so hard I hurt
  23. moved more than 14 times in 18 years

Tell me: do we have anything in common here? Have you done any of the things I have?

AND: can you guess which one is the lie?