• Liz

    YMCA! 🙂 Village People.

    • Hahahaha! They totally made me think of the Village People, too! My son put them together and lined them up like this, and I just found it so funny!

  • My daughter does the same exact thing!  These four are supposed to be:  Captain Jack Sparrow, a doctor/nurse/surgeon, police officer, and construction worker.  Am I right?

    • Hey, you got Captain Jack! Good job! Yes, there are also pieces of police officers (2), a construction worker (the hard hat, anyway), and some random dude’s track suit that Jack is wearing. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How cute. I’ll second Dara’s response in what they are supposed to be. I definitely recognized Captain Jack Sparrow and the construction worker. Missed the nurse/doctor .
    Would love if you could stop by and link up

    • Yep, Captain Jack is there for sure! Just don’t know how he would feel about wearing some random dude’s track suit, though. 😉 (ps: there are actually no nurse or doctor pieces here, but definitely police and construction worker)