How To Exhaust a Preschooler During a Trip to San Francisco

This past weekend my husband, 4yo, and I traveled to the San Francisco area for my twin sister’s wedding. Our four older kids couldn’t come because of school and other activities, and I was a little worried at how our youngest would do without the built-in entertainment (or how *I* would do without the built-in help!).

Turns out, our 4yo did just fine with the various activities that come with flying across the country and visiting a city as beautiful as San Francisco!

First, he repeated our turn-by-turn directions to the Houston airport:

Then he spent the afternoon watching the airplanes, reading up on the airplane’s emergency procedures (over and over and over…), and putting together his new LEGOs on the flight. {I cannot believe how unfazed he was by every element of flying – the noise, the change in air pressure, the turbulence, the sitting still – he was cool as a cucumber through it all!}

Once we got to California, it was all about the kisses and hugs from the Aunts and Grammie! Eli was fairly patient as we took him from one location to the next, following the general build-up to the wedding on Saturday, where he clearly took the opportunity to get his Boogie on! {NOTE: YouTube would not let me upload this unless I removed the music. So…use your imagination – the party was hoppin’!}

After leaving my family, we decided to take 24 hours to enjoy San Francisco on our own. My husband could not have found a nicer spot to enjoy our evening:

{View from our San Francisco hotel room.}

We stayed in the heart of busy Union Square and loved watching the people Рand cable cars! Рcome and go from our 19th floor windows. We ate some good Italian pizza from a tiny place around the corner, and generally had a quiet night.  And after just three short lullabies, Eli was out for the night:

With just a handful of hours in San Francisco the next day before our flights, we decided to do what we could to see the City. I grew up near here and have been to all the familiar places many times before, but it’s always fun to play tourist!

After only an hour or so of walking around, though, Eli was D-O-N-E, done. What a poor sport! But that’s alright – our family has always been better at exploring via long drives, so we started taking one street after the next until we actually found ourselves on Highway 1, driving the California coastline:

But just 20 minutes into our drive, and after only one brief glance at the beach, this is how Eli looked:

Ah well! The nap meant that he was nice and relaxed for the long flight back to Houston. Thanks for the memories, San Francisco!