Music Review: Mat Kearney’s Young Love

Please welcome my 17yo daughter Hannah as my guest reviewer of Mat Kearney’s new CD, Young Love. It made sense to turn this space over to Hannah because she’s become excited and passionate about this CD and the truth is, she hasn’t let go of it long enough for me to even listen to it! It’s clear Mat Kearney is wildly popular with her and her friends. So without further adieu, here’s Hannah…

I’ve heard Mat Kearney once or twice on the radio with his single, “Hey Mama,” and I love love love LOVE that song. When Mom got the CD to review, I basically snatched it away from her before she could even take off the plastic wrap around the CD and listened to it right away. My best friend is a huge fan of Mat Kearney and kept going on and on and on about how amazing he was. Naturally, I had to find out for myself how amazing this guy was.

And it’s true. He is amazing.

All of his songs have such a different pulse to them. I love that he switches up his style with his songs. “Ships in the Night”, for example, has more of a rapping style compared to “Rochester” which has more of a Mumford and Sons kind of feel. “Sooner or Later” has a nice, slower beat versus the faster songs that come before and after it.

A lot of his songs remind me of other songs. “Count on Me” has the same kind of lyrics and rhythm as “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers but a more modern, cuter feel to it. “Young Dumb and In Love” is very retro, very similar to maybe an Elvis Presley song but more modern. One of my absolute favorite songs on his CD is “She Got the Honey” because the girl he sings about in the song reminds me a lot of myself, especially when he says “turning red as she turns away.” I have the nasty knack of turning red for the littlest of reasons, even more so when a cute guy comes up to talk to me.

Another favorite of mine is “Rochester” with the slower tempo and the lyrics. I’m all about the lyrics. This song actually really took me by surprise. The song is the story of his father and how he struggled with his childhood and growing up and the married life. It was just very sweet and it made me tear up a bit.

What I really like is that Kearney doesn’t cuss or makes any innuendos in his songs. Even with his more lovey-dovey songs, it’s all clean. It makes it even more fun to sing along since I don’t have to replace any words or mute the music for a little chunk of the song. And when I’m in my room getting ready for the day, I like to turn it on and dance around like I don’t have a care in the world. His songs are upbeat with an occasional slow song in between. It really is a great mix.

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Disclosure: One2One Network sent us this CD for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are honest and belong to my 17yo daughter. Who also received no compensation other than my sincere appreciation for writing this review!