Wordless Wednesday: Girls Gotta March

{here are my 17yo and 14yo daughters at their marching band’s “sneak preview” for parents the other night. my 17yo marches piccolo and is the co-leader of the band’s flute section. my 14yo plays oboe, but oboe doesn’t march. she learned to play flute, but didn’t earn a primary spot marching flute, so they told her she would march prop. BUT…she started marching better than some of the trumpets, so they gave her a primary spot marching trumpet. not playing trumpet, mind you, just marching it. so she’ll play flute in the stands, march trumpet on the field, and play oboe during concert season. i love it! i also love how silly they were when I asked them to hold up their instruments, and how the 17yo is in denial about her younger sister being taller than her.}

girls marching band collage 2

  • WOW! You can definitely tell they are your daughters. Especially the one on the right. Happy WW!

    • I love hearing people’s input about resemblance! See…I think my 17yo (on the left) looks more like me. We all definitely share a lot of traits, though. 🙂

  • Oh those pics make me smile – looks like they are sisters AND friends, is there anything better?

    • Thanks, Kate! My girls are all very close, and I’m grateful that these two are having this experience together. Especially since my oldest will be off to college next year! {sniff, sniff}

  • Jennelsonlane

    I think it’s way cool that they are in band together!  Some of my happiest memories of high school are of marching with the band (I was on dance team/kickline).  Hope they have a great season!

    • It’s been so fun to see the 17yo (the “vet”) showing the 14yo the ropes. It’s hard work, but they’re loving it!

  • Twinchaser

    LOVE these girls SO much and am SO proud to be their Grammie!  xoxoxoxo