“Weekend” Has a New Meaning Here

When I was a kid, weekend meant a mix of sleeping, television, homework, friends, and general relaxation. Growing into adulthood, weekend has meant projects, planning, and a flurry of our children’s extra-curricular activities.

NOW, however, weekend has taken on a whole new meaning.

With my husband working out of state Monday-Friday, the weekend is the only time we are together as a family.

If you were me, what would you do with that precious time your husband is home and available to you?

Would you…

ask for help with the housework?

counter full of dirty dishes

{please don't judge!}

have him bathe and walk the dog?

Lucy in the grass

put him on Monkey Wrangler duty?

eli upside down

or would you put all that aside in favor of a nice evening out with your man?

swinging door bbq

Well, so far we’ve managed a steady combination of everything – a delicate balance of catching up, both with responsibilities and with each other. I can tell you the one I find more appealing, though…

bbq dinner

{YUM! By far the BEST bbq we've had in Texas!}

So, I really am curious: if you only had help and companionship for two days a week, what’s the one thing you would make sure to do?


  • Jessica Barrus Morgan

    That BBQ looks SO good. We’re going to have to go there.
    I’ll tell you what happens in our house the day before Mike comes home from a week long trip: kids get their only bath of the week, dishes get done, house gets thrown together, and I shower so I can do my hair and makeup on hour before he gets home. If he were gone every week instead of every month, it’d make for a pretty dirty house (and some pretty dirty kids) LOL.
    I think you’re doing it just right – time together, lots of hugs and kisses, lots of fun. I hope the time keeps flying.

    • The bbq place is out in Richmond, off Hwy 99. Not too far, but not right around the corner. But SO, SO good!

      It’s funny what you say about doing all that stuff at the last minute. I’ve been tempted to (and have in the past), but lately it’s like “Whatever – let him see how things REALLY are here!” :p

  • Ldscancermom

    Hey, I have been meaning to talk to you about a lot of that. Dave has accepted a temporary duty assignment to…drumroll… Chicago! Weird, huh? He will be flying back weekends and for the first two weeks we will head up there with him.
    My situation is a bit different. With only having the two girls, our housework and kid frustration should be smaller. My goals are going to have to be seeing what he wants to do, whether he’s exhausted or not and making sure the girls and I aren’t the 3 Musketeers leaving Dad out of everything.
    I think you should definitely make time for the two of him, as well as having him help out. If you end up being a martyr( and it’s only too easy) everyone will suffer. You have a very full plate and need the help. Good luck.

    • How odd that we have the same kind of situation! That would be funny if our husbands were ever on the same flights. 🙂

      I completely identify with the need to keep from leaving Dad out of things. The kids and I have already done that too much with all his travel before now – kind of rolling our eyes and acting like “Oh, Dad, you wouldn’t understand” or going off and doing things that we already had planned. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but it just means we have to work extra hard to include him. It’s worth it!

  • I love seeing other people with a dish pileup of that caliber. Makes me feel better about my own constant dish mountain! 🙂

  • Becca Bernstein

    I agree w/ Crissy. Thank you for honestly capturing the byproducts of life w/ kids. If I were you, I’d struggle w/ allowing my hubby to relax and crossing off the to-do list. Lus, you need time for you. I didn’t notice a walk w/ a friend, a solo grocery store trip. Don’t forget that your work is work too!

    • Very good points, Becca! I’m fortunate because I have three teenage daughters who help watch the younger two boys. With them staying home, I actually *did* go to lunch with some friends last week, which was a great treat! If I didn’t have the chance to get away, or take a nap, or do whatever I need to do on my own during the week, it would be so much harder. So I am very grateful. 🙂

  • Definitely exactly what you did. Awesome post Stacey. 🙂 Thank you for being authentic! xoxo

  • Christina

    This is one of my most favorite things about you…you are always REAL and you are always YOU! Great post Stacey xoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    We work opposite shifts in our house, so on the rare day that we are together. We don’t do chores, we don’t eat at home…we go out and experience the world together. Means the house is in disarray and I’d really appreciate a call before people stop over. But having Liam have shared experiences with BOTH parents present far outweighs a clean house to us.