“Weekend” Has a New Meaning Here

When I was a kid, weekend meant a mix of sleeping, television, homework, friends, and general relaxation. Growing into adulthood, weekend has meant projects, planning, and a flurry of our children’s extra-curricular activities.

NOW, however, weekend has taken on a whole new meaning.

With my husband working out of state Monday-Friday, the weekend is the only time we are together as a family.

If you were me, what would you do with that precious time your husband is home and available to you?

Would you…

ask for help with the housework?

counter full of dirty dishes

{please don't judge!}

have him bathe and walk the dog?

Lucy in the grass

put him on Monkey Wrangler duty?

eli upside down

or would you put all that aside in favor of a nice evening out with your man?

swinging door bbq

Well, so far we’ve managed a steady combination of everything – a delicate balance of catching up, both with responsibilities and with each other. I can tell you the one I find more appealing, though…

bbq dinner

{YUM! By far the BEST bbq we've had in Texas!}

So, I really am curious: if you only had help and companionship for two days a week, what’s the one thing you would make sure to do?