Getting Ready for the Harry Potter Midnight Show

My oldest daughter was just 4 years old when I read every page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone aloud to her. She listened, entranced, and together we were wrapped in some spell of our own. The magic, amazement, love, and loyalty for Harry Potter has not waned a bit for us over these past 13 years. And each of our children has joined the ranks of über fan. We are a Harry Potter household.

So today is both exhilarating and heartbreaking, bittersweet to the core, as we prepare for the final movie of the Harry Potter franchise. The kids will, of course, be attending the midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part two), and have spent the last two weeks in preparation.

My oldest daughter has been re-reading all the books. Here she is finishing book 5 last night. Notice the Gryffindor shirt? Don’t think she’ll make it through the next two books before the movie, but it was a valiant effort:

The kids have also been watching each of the movies again. Here they are on #3. They stayed up until 1am watching #4 last night. I am guessing 5-7 (part one) will be running today:

Three of my kids will be dressing up as Hogwart’s students. My 14yo daughter is going as a Death Eater. She bought a plain silver mask and drew her own designs. And yes, I let her draw her own tattoo in Sharpie for the show:

This really does feel like the end of an era, and my kids are determined to send it out in style.

Then again…

my youngest son is only 3yo.

We have plenty of time and opportunity to rediscover the magic of Harry Potter with a whole new generation!



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