• Jennelsonlane

    At our house, it’s Megablocks. They are EVERYWHERE. I feel your pain, my friend.

  • Oh my gosh Stacey. It looks like a KNEX tornado. You’re better than me. The last time I saw a mess like that, I threw them all in the trash. (I’m a mean Momma). lol

  • bywordofmouth

    I remember those days, and then my Mom bought them a ball pitt that had three houses and four tunnels and 300 balls … now that was fun too 😉

  • Wow, is this what I have to look forward to with a grandson?

  • What in the name of everything that I have ever known to be good and right and true?!!!

  • Oh my!  I’m so glad my girls aren’t really into legos.  That said… I find random tiny fairy shoes all over the place.