So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 Perform {Recap Week 4}

Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance is a special Birthday Edition in our household, since my youngest daughter turned 13 today. We are enjoying some relaxing family time together watching (and critiquing!) the show.

And away we go…

Ok, so Cat is sporting a messy pony tail and an interesting Asian-inspired dress tonight. Lovely as always.

Side note: My teen daughters continue to squee every single time Melanie and Marko are on stage.

Tonight’s judges: Carmen Electra, Travis Wall, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgoe. Love Travis being on the panel tonight! Feeling very “meh” about Carmen Electra, but I’m willing to give her a chance.

1st group routine – top 7 guys. choreographer Justin Giles. Story – masculine piece, the 7 stages of grief, a significant other has been unfaithful.

  • Music: “Prague,” by Damien Rice.
  • My thoughts: love the beginning, love the song.  A quiet, precise piece. Hate to say it, but I think Chris killed the synchronicity. Overall, I liked it.

Melanie + Marko = Jazz with Ray Leeper. Story: young Latin couple from feuding families, they’re going to run off together.

  • Music: “Americano,” by Lady Gaga.
  • My thought: yikes, the costumes are hideous. Hate this song, not loving this dance. The only thing I can say is that I still enjoy all the little things they put into their routines.
  • Judges: Travis – Marko is so strong, commands attention. Melanie is amazing. She is his favorite in the competition. Carmen – so, so strong. Melanie’s legs are ridiculous. Fun to watch her. Together as a couple they are passionate. Loved it. Mary – these two have so much passion. They always dig so deep into their characters. Melanie is so brilliant all the time. Marko dominates everything, he really takes us on a journey. Nigel – technique matches their performance. They even look fantastic when they’re just walking.

Sasha + Alexander = Hip Hop with Shaun Evaristo. Story: first date, he wants to end with a kiss, she shuts him down.

  • Music: “To the Moon,” by Miguel.
  • My thoughts: Why do they look like they’re from the 80’s? What was up with the crane move from Karate Kid? The tree on stage is interesting. The routine seems so weak, very watered down. No swag on either side. The end was cute.
  • Judges: Carmen – Couldn’t stop watching Sasha, didn’t get the feel of the two as a couple. Some great moments. Mary – she didn’t see the swag. It was lacking, didn’t feel a connection. Nigel – felt like Hip Hop 101, felt very simple, didn’t feel any swag from either of them. Travis – felt they were slushing through it. Need to work on musicality (what you choose to emphasize in the music with your movements, etc).

Jordan + Tadd = Waltz with Toni Redpath. Story: Jordan is a siren luring Tadd to fall in love with her, then kills him in the end.

  • Music: “Nocturne,” by Secret Garden.
  • My thoughts: She looks beautiful, fog is interesting. The lifts and turns are really lovely. Enjoy the “smooth” part of this waltz.
  • Judges: Mary – dreamy and romantic. Tadd has a tenderness about him. Jordan has such strength. Nigel – Toni was smart in choreography, gave both dancers something to work with. Tadd was quite tremendous doing something so out of his genre. Travis – could have been a little smoother, but it was beautiful. Freakin’ out about how easy Tadd makes it look to dance outside his genre. Carmen – enjoyed it, she felt all the emotion they projected.

Clarice + Jess = Contemporary with Justin Giles. Story: couple has been through intense love, but now it’s coming to an end.

  • Music: “Light through the Branches,” by Celeste Lear.
  • My thoughts: Seems simple and precise. I feel their connection and the emotion. They are both so in character. Wait…is this contemporary or hip hop? Seemed maybe a little TOO quiet?
  • Judges: Travis – they both came alive. The chemistry was honest, he believed them. Nigel – this staccato style is still able to pass off emotion. Both gave a lot of honest emotion. Tremendously danced. Carmen – really believed the story, could feel the anger and passion. Mary – this partnership has been growing every single week. Jess has proved that he is versatile. Clarice dug deep and brought out something even more beautiful.

Ashley + Chris = Salsa with Liz Lira. Story: speed, tricks, sexy flavor.

  • Music: “Mambo Beat,” by Tito Puente.
  • My thoughts: Kind of light and fun, but he still looks very self-conscious. Surprised by the first lift! Good for him! He’s so tight, needs to loosen up! She’s owning the stage. Second lift was good, too.
  • Judges: Travis – lifts were awesome, when they broke away from each other, it went downhill. No chemistry tonight. Didn’t pop, no energy. Carmen – felt they were hesitating too much, they didn’t grab the potential. Something there she wasn’t feeling. Mary – wasn’t hot. Some things are simmering, though. But it wasn’t consistent. Chris, did a good job partnering, but he looked awkward and wasn’t really feeling it. Nigel – Chris nailed the lifts. But they missed the freedom and feel of the salsa.

Ryan + Ricky = Jazz with Chucky Klapow. Story: two members of a cult of fashion, now on the “other side”

  • Music: “Fashion,” by David Bowie.
  • My thoughts: Hmm, zombies again. Actually like the strangeness of this. Ryan’s hair is awesome. Don’t know about them being very connected, but they are synchronized. This is kind of fun.
  • Judges: Carmen – they ROCKED. Great music choice, great energy, very in sync. Mary – it was hot! Ricky just as strong as ever, got into the character. Ryan was DEEP in character, went full-tilt. Nigel – “Zombie Zoolander” routine, he really enjoyed it. Loved the “quirk” of this, so in sync, very together though they were apart. Travis – they killed this. Hair, makeup, costume was great. Had his attention the entire time.

Caitlyn + Mitchell = Contemporary with Mandy Moore. Story: story of love, vulnerability.

  • Music: “To Love You More,” by Celine Dion.
  • My thoughts: she looks GORGEOUS. Very light and springy. Lifts were amazing. Totally feel the connection. I’m getting goosebumps.
  • Judges: STANDING OVATION! Mary – favorite number of the night. So beautiful. Caitlynn defied gravity. Mitchell did amazing despite being injured, he never let his partner down. Nigel – the emotion grabbed us all. Leaps and lifts were fantastic. Flowed and it was beautiful. Took his breath away. Best routine of the night. Travis – kept catching his breath. Unbelievable. Caitlynn has grown SO much. Carmen – best performance of the night.

2nd group routine with Ray Leeper. Story: sexy jazz, 7 girlfriends rid the world of evil men, at a funeral looking for the next victim.

  • Music: “My Discarded Men,” by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat.
  • My thoughts: love the costumes. Like them in the line. Like the song. Still something…lacking.
OVERALL IMPRESSIONS TONIGHT: Not sure Carmen offered anything of use tonight, but she wasn’t nearly as obnoxious as I feared she would be. LOVE Travis being on the panel, he’s such a delight! Again, I didn’t love either of the two group numbers, I almost wish they wouldn’t include them at all. Our favorite of the night was by far Caitlynn and Mitchell.
*Disclosure: I know I do a lot of sponsored posts on this blog, but this So You Think You Can Dance recap series is strictly brought to you by my beloved DVR, my tv addiction, and my absolute adoration of this show!