So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Perform {Recap Week 3}

I missed last week’s performance and elimination shows because I was out of town, but I’m back with enthusiasm this week and ready to go.

Let’s get started…

Oooooh, 1920’s Cat! She’s so cute – not everyone can pull that off!

Tonight’s judges: Lil’ C, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgoe, and Kristin Chenoweth (SQUEEEE! Love her!!!!)

News: there will be 2 group numbers tonight. Judges will not comment on them, but will take them into consideration during eliminations tomorrow.

1st group Number with Tyce DiOrio

  • music: “Hit the Road Jack.” by Ray Charles
  • My thoughts: how do you dance with sunglasses on? Seats have lights on the bottom of them? Not loving all the black, and not a huge fan of this routine. Very aggressive, miss the finesse of many of these dancers.

Sasha + Alexander = Contemporary with Dee Caspary. Story: Memory of what this man lost, he has nothing now. Centered around a piano.

  • Music: “Belong,” by Cary Brothers
  • My thoughts:  Fabulous music, like their costumes, like how the story is being played out in dance. It was pretty ok. Um…the hands coming out of the piano at the end was a little weird.
  • Judges: Nigel – good start, loved the idea of it, could feel Sasha’s movement, Alexander needs to work on controlling the audience with his performance. Mary – loved this love story & concept, they “pulled it off,” Alexander needs to dig deeper but he’s doing better, Sasha is a gorgeous artist with awesome stage presence. Kristin – Sasha is amazing, she never makes a noise when she dances, loves Alexander in this piece. Lil’ C – effortless.

Caitlynn + Mitchell = Samba with Jean-Marc Genereux.

  • Music: “Put It in a Love Song,” by Alicia Keys featuring Beyonce.
  • My thoughts: awkward start? Or did I imagine that? I think he’s stealing the show. But still, it feels a little awkward, and I’m not sure if it’s the beat in the song and how it does/doesn’t match up with the steps. Um…didn’t love it.
  • Judges: Mary – it was spectacular, both of them were really in it and “living it,” Caitlynn was good and loose, Mitchell nailed it, powerful and strong. Kristin – “shut the front door!” Lil’ C – we need some ventilation (so hot). Nigel – Mitchell was incredible, is the “Chris Rock” of SYTYCD with a special energy, Caitlynn has great articulation of her body.

Miranda + Robert = Broadway with Tyce DiOrio. Story: Miranda is a hooker, apparently. Robert is a “groovy cat.”

  • Music: “It Don’t Mean a Thing (if It Ain’t Got That Swing),” by Sophisticated Ladies (1981 Soundtrack)
  • My thoughts: Loved her sliding down his leg. He’s still hamming it up a little, but it’s toned down some. This routine really featured each of their strengths. But again, I’m not in love.
  • Judges: Kristin – killed it tonight, bought Miranda’s character, totally bought Robert but he needs to sharpen it up a little. Lil’ C – Miranda leaves him in awe, “with legs like that, who needs arms?,” Robert has an amazing personality, keep applying it to every style. Nigel – Miranda is the most changed dancer since the beginning (in a good way), Robert has come a long way, he did some great lifts tonight. Mary – the two of them are great together, Miranda transformed into her character tonight, Robert caught on fire, his star is getting shinier every week.

Melanie + Marko = Lyrical Hip Hop with Tabitha & Napolean Dumo. Story: two best friends, he’s about to get married, he’s left at the altar, he realizes his friend is the one he should have been loving.

  • Music: “I Got You,” by Leona Lewis
  • My thoughts: Holy cow, I think he’s really crying! She is such a light! I love her outfit. So much emotion. He kissed her!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I love this! I love this!!!!
  • Judges: Lil’ C – you two are the POWER couple, connection is so “crispy, so clean. Nigel – brilliant concept, the couple to beat, they dance and breathe together. Mary – the two of them knock out a special performance every single week, Marko’s raw emotions were so believable, dancing is strong and razor sharp, Melanie’s dancing is filled with layered nuances. Kristin – “we sing, because we can’t speak anymore. dance is an extension of that. we dance because we can’t speak anymore,” their dancing is the epitome of a language Kristin understands, very moved and very touched.

Ashley + Chris = Jazz with Sonya Tayeh. Story: two sides of self, creepy, like Beetlejuice.

  • Music: “Lights Go Down (District 78 Remix),” by Telepathe
  • My thoughts: Mmmm…love the costumes and make-up! She’s got crazy legs, long, extended. He’s really holding his own here. I liked it alright.
  • Judges: Nigel – did not connect with the music, didn’t “get it,” wanted them to be more overt with the characters, go over the top, just two people in weird outfits with weird music, not enough heart and soul. Mary – good hard synchronization, Chris has come far and is trying hard. Kristin – did not necessarily connect to it either, it’s not “her thing,” but it still blew her mind. Lil’ C – Ashley is the “silent assassin” of the show, Chris is buck.

Clarice +Jess = Fox Trot with Jean-Marc Genereux. Story: Crooner in nightclub, sweeps her off her feet. Feeling is of the Rat Pack.

  • Music: “Fly Me To the Moon,” by Frank Sinatra
  • My thoughts: Charming. She looks beautiful. Jess is so light on his feet. This is making me smile. Very elegant, with some sass. Their jumps are so lovely! Oh, I really liked this!
  • Judges: Mary – they did exactly what they were supposed to for a success fox trot, Clarice was beautiful, Jess did what no other dancer on the show could have. Kristin – favorite performance of the night, Clarice’s arms were lovely, Jess is so specific, every move he makes means something. Lil’ C – Jess is a phenom. Nigel – Clarice’s dress is amazing, her dancing was beautiful, Jess is a master of the broadway style.

Ryan + Ricky = Contemporary with Sonya Tayah. Story: a couple who are in love but they know it’s ending but they don’t know why, story of the fight to let go.

  • Music: “With Every Heartbeat (acoustic),” by Robyn.
  • My thoughts: I like the idea of the sash that connects them being incorporated into the routine and the story. Wow, he’s strong, great lift/swing. Amazing partnering. He’s lovely in his jumps. Her eyes seem closed throughout this routine.
  • Judges: Kristin – the piece speaks, it’s very moving. Lil’ C – abstract yet concrete in emotion and movement. Nigel – glad they kept Ryan, she delivered, couldn’t take his eyes off Ricky. Mary – their dancing with the prop was amazing, loved every second of it.

Jordan + Tadd = Hip Hop with Tabitha & Napoleon. Story: love story, a crazy night.

  • Music: “Memories,” by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi
  • My thoughts: Um…Tadd with his shirt off? Fine by me! They are totally synchronized, pretty cool. Love the cheeky-ness of their characters. He is SO strong.
  • Judges: Lil’ C – concept was great, loved it, don’t isolate different sections, dance through the movement and down to the bone. Nigel – story of the dance overwhelmed the dance, but it was so fun so it was alright. Mary – great stage presence, so much fun. Kristin – that was dessert and she liked every bite.

2nd group number with choreographer Dee Caspary. Story: medieval era, women are poisoning everyone.

  • Music: “Poison & Wine,” by The Civil Wars
  • My thoughts: LOVE the costumes. For being a story of murder, this is quite lovely. An odd concept, but I liked it MUCH better than the first group number.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS TONIGHT. Lil’ C drives me nuts, I can hardly understand anything he’s saying. Kristin Chenoweth makes a charming, yet not very constructive, judge. The two group numbers were just “meh.” As were most of the routines, other than the two standouts: Melanie & Marko and Clarice & Jess.

*Disclosure: I know I do a lot of sponsored posts on this blog, but this So You Think You Can Dance recap series is strictly brought to you by my beloved DVR, my tv addiction, and my absolute adoration of this show!