The Perks and Perils of Personal Blogging

On Friday, I will join Chele Chestnut (The Bona Fide Life) in leading a discussion on Personal Blogging at the Type A Parent blogging conference in Asheville, North Carolina.

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You may be wondering: what is “Personal” blogging?

I’ve seen some define it primarily by what it is notpersonal blogging is not niche blogging.

And while I absolutely champion the call to Ditch the Niche if a blogger is so inclined, personal blogging is not the absence of anything. It’s┬árather the embrace of fully integrating one’s self into blogging and wrestling with the very particular benefits and challenges personal blogging can bring.

The Perks of Personal Blogging

Personal blogging is powerful in that it allows a blogger to explore a variety of interests, opinions, and perspectives through her writing. Personal blogging feeds off the freedom of expression and even whim, and offers a blogger to her audience in a unique and intimate way.

I have found through personal blogging that I’m able to more easily tap into universal experiences we all seem to share, no matter what our backgrounds. In that way, I am processing different moments of my life with the help and understanding of others.

As my friend Sarah puts it, “We blog LIFE, baby!” And that’s a wonderfully empowering, complex, liberating thing.

But personal blogging has it’s challenges, too.

The Perils of Personal Blogging

Because personal blogging does depend so much on the subjective nature of individuals, sometimes our blogs experience awkward moments, long pauses, and stages of reorientation as we change and grow in our own lives and interests. During those times, many personal bloggers wonder if their readers will stay with them or what their blog will look like when all is said and done.

There is this also the issue of how much is too much to share, and how do the needs and interests of others fit into our blogging?

And from a business perspective, many personal bloggers worry about the difficulty of building a personal brand or fear being passed over for corporate campaigns because they don’t lay claim to a niche or certain demographics.

What Have I Missed?

What do you think are the particular benefits and challenges of personal blogging? I’d love for you to sound off here in the comments, or better yet, come discuss with Chele and I at the Personal Blogging Tribe – Friday, 11:15am, at the Type A Parent Conference! Hopefully we will see you there!