So You Think You Can Dance: Recap, Week 1 Performances

Cat looks gorgeous tonight. But is there enough material there to call it a dress? And those shoes look like lethal weapons! Still, I adore her. And have met her in person once, and she is very lovely.

Alright, here we go…

Tonight’s judges: Nigel Lithgowe, Mary Murphy, guest judge actress, comedienne, and Broadway star Megan Mullally

News: One dancer missing – Mithcell injured his elbow during rehearsals and was not cleared to compete, which automatically puts him in danger of being eliminated tomorrow night. He had tears as the camera panned over to him.

We’re ready to begin…(click on each dancer’s name to be taken to their bio, just in case you forget who’s who!):

Jordan + Tadd = African Jazz with Shawn Cheesman. Story: dance inspired by the lava of a volcano

  • “Riding the Waves,” by Afro Celt Sound System
  • My thought: Very animalistic, primitive. He’s got way more skills than I would have guessed. They look a little too methodical in some parts, thinking too much? Happy Birthday to Jordan, who turns 19 today.
  • Judges: Nigel – exploded on the stage, sub-primal rhythms, tremendous, powerful. Jordan, a powerful jazz dancer. Tad, wonderful for picking up the style so quickly, he is exciting and will go a long way. Mary – “the whole place was shakin!” Jordan, stayed so deep in character. Tad, emerging as a star. Megan – Tad, great job adopting to this new genre and showing such strength. Exciting choreography.

Sasha + Alexander = Contemporary with Travis Wall. Story: Alexander’s conscience coming back to haunt him

  • “Stupid,” by Sarah Machlachlan
  • My thoughts: GREAT connection. Agressive, emotional. Both very committed. Really enjoyed this.
  • Judges: Mary – the transitions in the choreography are interesting. Sasha, so strong, dynamic, power, stage presence, filsl up the room. Alexander, no connection between them. (???) Mary – Sasha as a favorite, great storytelling, she’s an actress. Alexander, strong but did not “feel” his character or the connection. Nigel – bold, exciting, strong choreography. Sasha, modern day Amazonian princess, beautiful magnificent warrior. Alex, he needs to step up, show more emotion, more from the face, step up to compete with the girls.

Clarice + Jess = Broadway with Tyce DiOrio. Story: a celebration of dance, character, style, and Broadway through 2 lovers.

  • “Me and My Baby,” by Liza Minnelli
  • My thoughts: Slow start. It feels like not much is happening. But Jess does have a crazy awesome center when he spins. Overall = Meh.
  • Judges: Megan – LOVED IT. “Pure joy on a platter.” Jess, a showman, natural born performer, an inner joy. Compared him to Jimmy Durante (if Jimmy Durante were a dancer). Clarice, very sexy and sassy. Nigel – Clarice, beautiful girl, beautiful dancer, but…couldn’t keep up with Jess. Jess is a wonderfully gifted performer, this style is in every pore of his body. Jess out-danced her. One of Nigel’s favorite guys. Very “neat” with his dancing. Low center of gravity. Mary – Jess, perfectly animated. Could not have done anything better.

Ryan + Ricky = Lyrical Hip Hop with Christopher Scott. Story: love story but she’s gone, he’s remembering her and going a little crazy.

  • “Ain’t No Sunshine,” by Lighthouse Family
  • My thoughts: Ryan is smiling way too much, but still outdancing him.
  • Judges: Nigel – be careful with your emotions, Ryan’s smile confused him, he wasn’t sure what was going on. Dancing was superb, though. Ryan is outstanding. Ricky, very good, did it justice. Mary – Ricky, did a tremendous job. Ryan, one of the strongest girls. But what’s up with her smiling and happy through the dance? [Ryan tried to explain her smile was about a happy memory of the pair of them.] Megan – a sense of urgency in the choreography, was confused by the smiling, dancing was “kind of beautiful.”

Caitlynn + Mitchell = Jazz with Sonya Tayeh. Story: what they could accomplish without fear

  • Note: Ok, Mitchell is injured, so Caitlyn will dance with Robert. (YUM)
  • “In for the Kil,”l by La Roux
  • My thoughts: They are well-synced. Robert is SO strong. Very physical routine, she emotes very well.
  • Another note: Robert is crying again as camera goes to him. 🙁
  • Judges: Mary – Caitlyn’s legs are spectacular, every girl wants to be her. Synced leaps were great. Caitlyn was “brilliant.” Megan – impressive show of power and strength. Nigel – despite a tough week, Caitlyn gets a “10 across the board!”

Miranda + Robert = Latin with Jason Gilkison (jive). Story: unapproachable girl, way out of his league, but he still thinks he has a chance

  • “Runaway Baby,” by Bruno Mars
  • My thoughts: Love the outfits, sick of the Steve Urkel thing. Hasn’t Robert played the “nerd” in several routines now? They are stomping around the stage, so heavy on their feet. She doesn’t quite sell the “sex kitten” thing. Love the boots, though. Why does he ALWAYS have to steal the show? He’s got everyone “woo”ing and Cat can’t get started with the judges.
  • Judges: Megan – “have to be in a coma not to like that one.” Miranda, a bit goofy (in a good way). Robert, Top 20 crush, a bright light, utterly appealing. Nigel – Robert, biggest personality out of all the dancers, but people could get annoyed with the “woo.” He can’t ride on his personality, and technique wasn’t there. Miranda, wants more confidence from her. Mary – fun, fun, fun. Miranda, clean, sharp. Robert, stole the show.

Missy + Wadi = Jazz with Shawn Cheesman. Story: Pandora’s box has just been opened. Demon clones revealed. Sexy demons, that is.

  • “Judas,” by Lady Gaga
  • My thoughts: Love the box. Song and choreography great together. Love that they featured Wadi’s skills.
  • Judges: Nigel – love this routine very, very much. Missy, one of the ‘beasts” among the girls – control, technique, performance. Wadi, brilliant, prays he sticks around. Mary – they WERE sexy demons, phenomenal dancing. Wadi, never knew he had that in him. Partnering skills were the best. Megan – Missy, full-on powerhouse. Wadi, amazing that he had never partnered before. He was “insanely” good.

Melanie + Marko = Contemporary with Travis Wall. Story: two statues come to life at night and dance together. Hoping to become one statue.

  • “Turn to Stone,” by Ingrid Michaelson
  • My thoughts: Goosebumps. Did you SEE that smile Melanie gave him?? LOVELY!! Love how they keep striking statuesque poses. GORGEOUS transition. Powerful sequence. My teen girls are watching with me and are near tears. They want to watch it all over again! {rewind…we are watching again and LOVE it just as much, if not more!} The chemistry is palpable. Love, love, love this pair, the routine, the song. It’s perfection.
  • Judges: STANDING OVATION. Cat got chills. Mary – she is close to tears. This number was magical, a perfect partnership, amazing technical level of dance, amazing choreography. It was breathtaking. Megan – chills, crying. So beautiful. Nigel – Emmy-nominated routine? Chemistry was fantastic. Some moments were not perfect, but it’s okay, because there’s still room to grow. Melanie, THE QUEEN of the beasts. Never had a better girl dancer.

Ashley + Chris = Hip Hop with Christopher Scott. Story: a couple who find out they’re both cheating on each other, same time same place.

  • “Forget You,” by Cee Lo Green
  • My thoughts: Clever characters and props. Fun choreography! Isn’t this his genre? She looks like she’s killing it, and he’s just so so.
  • Judges: Nigel – fun routine. Mary – pure entertainment. Ashley, swagger, all kinds of vibe. Christopher, so much heart. Megan – loves the costume and make-up of this show. (???)

Iveta + Nick = Ballroom with Jason Gilkison. (no background given for the “story” of the dance)

  • “Ballroom Blitz,” by Sweet
  • My thoughts: Gorgeous dress. Effortless for her. He’s holding up. He’s a great performer and is at least light on his feet. He’s so charming. She’s so professional.
  • Judges: Standing ovation! Megan – Nick, incredible, so entertaining and fun. Iveta, so elegant and beautiful. Nigel – Nick, fabulous feet! He came up to scratch. He’s fantastic. Mary – light, happy mood, fast footwork, strong topline, skipping across the air, it was ALL there. Nick rocked!

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Our favorite of the night: Melanie and Marko BY FAR.

Who was your favorite? Who do you think will go home tomorrow? Will you vote?