An Easy Way to Remove the Stem from (or “Hull”) a Strawberry

We had some fresh summer strawberries with dinner tonight, and as I was hulling them (or…removing the stems), it occurred to me that I ought to record and share my simple little trick. If you would like a clean, simple, quick way to hull a strawberry, watch this little video tutorial, made just for you!:

  • Twinchaser

    YOU are toooo funny Stacey Anne!  GREAT job!  I didn’t know about this tip…you taught me something today!  <3

  • Brilliant!

  • Very cool. That looks even easier than the bottle/can opener way I’ve done it. And you did a great job with the video 🙂

    • Ok, I’ve never seen it done with a bottle/can opener – you have me intrigued! And thanks for the nice words about the video. I had to put music over it to cover my 14yo daughter (who was filming the video) asking me repeatedly, “Now WHY are you doing this again?” 😀

  • Nicki Woo

    You and this video are so cute! Loved it. I’ll have to bookmark it and link back to it the next time I have a strawberry something recipe. 

  • Jennifer Carden

    I like it!! Did you see my post on how we destem them? I use a drinking straw!

  • Quizative

    Thank you!


    You have to have almost over ripe berries for them to come out, even with a twist. Just a little firm and it leaves the unappealing green core in them.