Everything is Changing…Again


Exactly one month from today my husband begins a new job…in Chicago.

Take a quick peek at my blog’s sidebar, and you’ll see we’re currently living in Houston.

Well…six of the seven of us will continue to live in Houston. For the next year, at least.

When we came to Texas in 2007, the plan was to only stay for two – maybe three – years. We’ve had our struggles here, that’s for sure, and most of us were ready to leave after just 12 months.

I can’t manage to share my frustrations about Texas without offending people I care about who love it here, and for that I’m sorry. All differences aside, if I tell you that

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for the last three and a half years

I’ve been wanting to love where I live

I’ve been longing to feel at home

maybe you’ll understand, and maybe you’ll wish me well.

But we’ll still be here – most of us, anyway – for another year, so my oldest daughter can finish high school.

My husband’s bosses knew we wanted to move after next summer, find another job in the field, or try for a position at corporate headquarters.

They came to him with a proposition, hand-delivered him an opportunity to get the experience he needs to reach higher heights, and guarantee us an opportunity of leaving Texas next summer.

The catch: the opportunity is in Chicago.

But the benefit of having an amazing husband, whose company loves him and values his family life nearly as much as his success in the workplace? They’ve agreed to fly him home on weekends. For an entire year. And delay our relocation package until we’re ready to move…together.

And that may be to Chicago, but truthfully, it may be to somewhere else. A lot can change in a year. And given my husband’s trajectory of success, he may be moving on and moving up before we even make it as a family to the Windy City.

We will go wherever this path takes us.

I will be a weekday single mom for the next year.

My, what adventures life brings our way.

I’m scared, I’m excited, and I’m tired just thinking about it.

But I’m also very, very ready.


  • Liz

    Aww, good luck to you guys! Being a Chicago girl myself (who has made 3 major relocations), I am excited for the possibilities in your move though also know what it’s like to NOT like where you live. That was us when we were in New Hampshire – couldn’t wait to leave!

    Best of luck for the transition to being a single mama to many!

  • Jenn

    Wow! Stacey this is exciting. Scary too but exciting for your family and your future. Single weekday mom, huh? Remember I am just an email and phone call away, ready to send virtual hugs and support if you need it. Not that I think you’ll really need it. Lucky for your kids you are such a great mom.

  • I adore Chicago, and you will absolutely love it there! I see this as a good thing for you (when you get there.)

  • Jessica Barrus Morgan

    I am so, so, SO excited for you guys! Texas pride is great and all, but different people need different things. I think it’s super that the company is so willing to work with your family life! That’s so unheard of. Of course, we will all miss you – we’ll just have to keep up with you through your blog instead of in person! Good luck being a weekday widow 🙂

  • I do understand and I do wish you well!  I’m a stranger in a strange land here, myself.  Please please please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you ease your every day burdens while you’re here on your own!

  • Tamara Walker

    Praying it all works out for your family and praying for you all as you have to be apart from each other. Glad your husband’s employer is so flexible and trying to help. Hopefully the year will go quickly for you!

  • such exciting news! my good friend has a husband who travels mon-fri, she told me that honestly she is used to it – cooks what she wants, no remote wars, and he is totally family-focused when he is home on the weekends.  which is all just to say i hope it is a good experience overall even if it will for sure have challenges.

  • Jennelsonlane

    I am happy for you! And proud of you. As with any new experience, you’ll find your way. I’m glad you have the opportunity to go somewhere else. (I do get it!) Praying for guidance and patience for all of you.

  • Rebecca

    I had a similar experience living in Pennsylvania! I love my friends from there but I never felt at “home.” Was always uncomfortable. I stayed a little over two years before making the move back to where I feel the best. Sometimes a geographic location is just “you” and sometimes, it’s not. 

  • Mandinav

    I know just how you feel . . . Scared and excited all at the same time. We just moved across country away from all our family and friends. My daughter isn’t even eight months yet and she’s had 3 different homes. Sounds like God has really blessed your family and He will continue to.