Why Modesty Wins

This past Saturday was my 14yo daughter’s 8th grade dance.

The weekend before, we had spent a good four hours looking for a dress we could both agree on – I insisted it be modest, she insisted it be cute. No wonder it took us four hours, right?

Now, I admit, my definition of “modest” may be different than yours. For me, modest clothing includes shoulders covered (cap sleeves are generally ok), nothing low-cut, no midsection exposed, and length of dresses, skirts, or capris to at least just above the knee.

It seem like a miracle, but we did find a dress that fit the bill – modest AND cute – hanging rather willy-nilly on the endcap of an aisle at Ross. For $15, even. S – C – O – R – E.

My daughter went to the dance feeling cute and confident, and came back with a rather interesting report.

According to her, most of her friends spent half the night either pulling up strapless dresses that were about to fall, fixing skinny straps that had fallen, or pulling down skirts that kept shimmying higher and higher while they danced. My daughter chuckled to herself as she told me these stories, then gave herself even more points for wearing flats with her dress. Apparently most of the girls were also in sky-high heels and complained of pain most the night.

I love that my daughter felt she could be herself at the dance, and concentrate on having a great time rather than feeling self-conscious of what she was wearing. This time around, modesty totally won.

maddy 8th grade dance

maddy cinemascope

ps: just as an FYI, the dress itself was plenty modest – it was my daughter’s style preference to add the little jacket, belt, and tights. I love how she pulled it all together!