Music Review: My Forever, by He Is We

He Is We is the type of new indie pop duo that makes me wonder if I’m too old to like this music. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love their debut CD, My Forever. But they look just slightly older than my own kids, and a visit to their online sites show them updating fans with tons of exclamation points, words like “stoked,” and “party!!!!!!,” and photos of them being¬†alternately¬†thoughtful and artsy. The generation gap seems more like a gorge.

But whether or not I would stand out in the crowd at any one of their shows, the music reaches across the divide, and I’m a new fan.

My Forever is a collection of songs primarily about love. But as trite as that sounds, with lyrics by singer Rachel Taylor and music by bandmate Trevor Kelly, the songs are well-written and compelling. They range in tone from fun, uplifting pop (“Forever & Ever,” “Happily Ever After”), to unexpectedly heartbreaking (“Kiss It Better”), to edgy and unforgiving (“Prove You Wrong,” “Blame It on the Rain”). It all makes for a robust, well-paced CD. This is the rare CD where I’m not skipping through songs – I love every track.

Take a listen to an acoustic version of their song, “Blame It on the Rain:”

My Forever is now available for mp3 download on Amazon and iTunes (click on either link to hear audio clips), and in physical CD form at select locations.