He Got a Kick out of His Birthday. Literally.

My older son turned 10 today. This boy with a servant’s heart has been a joy to have in our family.


He’s a fabulous older brother, tolerates much from his three older sisters, and keeps my mom heart happy with his good nature and earnest efforts at everything he does.

Speaking of earnest efforts…

today, though he wasn’t too excited about going (he wanted to play on the computer more for his birthday!), he had a soccer game.

During one particular play in which he gave it his all and made a great kick, he also had a bit of a run-in with an opponent.

issac's hit

A sliding tackle and hit to the youknowwhats aren’t welcome any day of the year, let alone on your birthday!

It was awesome to watch as his teammates came right to his side.

issac's team 1isaac's team 2

He gave me the thumbs up from the sideline to let me know he was okay. Which is a good thing, because when you play like this:

isaac closed eye kick_picnik

anything is bound to happen!

*fyi: his team tied today. and yes, we’ve informed him that playing with your eyes open is how the pros do it. he’s getting there.


  • SavvyLittleWomen-Kate

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

  • Nicki Woo

    he is precious. What a wonderful birthday post. He is such a great kid. Maybe the pros could learn a thing or two from him!

  • Awww! Today was my oldest son’s birthday! He’s 15.

    I’m glad he made it through! That has got to be a no-fun birthday present!

  • Brittany

    I think I would close my eyes in that situation too 🙂

  • Jenny

    happy bday to him 🙂

  • Ouch! Glad he’s okay 🙂