Wordless Wednesday: Sisters Forever

{17yo daughter (forefront) was taking a picture of herself at a church dance. 14yo daughter of course needed to pop into the background. what resulted was actually a very cute picture of the two of them, which my 17yo edited into this version she keeps as her Facebook profile pic. makes my momma heart so happy.}

hannah and maddy

  • Jen Lane

    They are so pretty! No wonder you’re a proud mama! 🙂

  • Love that picture. Your 14 year old looks so much like you!

  • Robb Nerdin

    My sweet girls!!

    • Be still my heart – you commented on my blog!! And I got a tweet from you the other night! If that wasn’t you, though, someone has hacked into your account. Better take care of that. 😉

  • Great picture!!

  • Terra Heck

    That’s a wonderful photo of the two of them together.

  • Awww…they are beautiful! My girls are close like this! Love it!

  • Nickiwoo Thehomeguru

    Oh, I love it. I want my girls to love each other like that. You’ve done well Mama Bear.

  • Maricris of Zensible Mama

    Aw so cute! Your girls are so pretty!

  • Awesome shot! Even better… the added sentiment.

    I have hopefully visions of a similar photo when Zoe is 17 and Ana is 14 (although I don’t like to think that far ahead… it scares me.)