Would You Be Made Whole? {an Easter Reflection}

A few weeks ago in our New Testament reading for Sunday School, we came upon the story of Christ healing the lame man in John chapter 5.┬áThis man had been lame and suffering for 38 long years, I can only imagine his excitement and relief at the possibility of being healed. And yet, Christ asks him: “Wilt thou be made whole?”


The question gave me pause.

Of course he wants to be made whole! Right? Who wouldn’t want to be made whole? And why would Christ even need to ask?

The longer I thought about it, though, the closer the question came to my own heart.

Am I accepting all that Christ has to offer me? Am I accepting all the love, the compassion, the understanding, the healing, the sacrifice that Christ has to offer me?

He suffered so that I would not have to. And yet, how often do I remain in my guilt, my worry, my wrongdoings, my stress, my unhappiness, my misgivings and regrets? Would I be made whole? Or do I live below this blessed gift and remain mentally, emotionally lame?

It’s a question I have been pondering and praying over for weeks now, and as Easter approaches, is something that has been burning and growing in my heart. The Atonement of Christ, for me, is all about His offer to make mankind whole again – His offer for us to repent, renew, and grow closer to our Father in Heaven. To rise above our faults and weaknesses and struggles and strife. The gift of Easter is the gift of life. Would I be made whole and live it fully, intentionally? Would you?