I’m Already Gone

I’ve been a bit distracted lately, and I’m not sure if you could tell from the pace or vibe here at the blog.

We’ve had family in town, and…oh yeah…my husband and I¬†have been preparing for a trip to paradise.

Or, Puerto Rico to be exact.

My husband won a trip from work, and we’ve extended the original 4 days to 7 ¬†through the use of hotel rewards points and rental car credits. Suddenly it’s not so bad that my husband travels so much for work!

I’m not too worried about broadcasting that we’ll be gone. If anyone is fool enough to find our house, they’ll still have five kids, one dog, two cats, an aunt and two cousins to contend with. Oh, and several neighbors who have our back. Good luck with that.

I have some posts set to run while we’re gone, and may – or may not – blog while we’re gone. Whatever I don’t share during our trip I will make sure to come back and post for you later!

Until then…adios!