The Family Junk Pile

Other families have them, right? A “ground zero” of junk – a shelf, corner, drawer, whathaveyou – where random odds and ends accumulate?

We have several of these “pockets of chaos” in our house, and they are beginning to drive me mad.

Here’s the kitchen’s designated junk pile:

kitchen junk pile

(It pains me more than you know to post this, because it's just so embarrassing.)

Let’s deconstruct what’s in this pile, shall we?  I see:

  • yarn
  • playing cards
  • eye drops
  • Scentsy bars
  • blood pressure medicine
  • rubber band ball
  • staples
  • watercolors
  • sunflower seeds
  • and so, so much more!

There’s even a junk pile within a junk pile here – see the plastic container in the back left of the picture?  THAT is a place where I started putting all the kids’ random bitlets I find on the floor, the desk, the laundry room.

This is starting to make me absolutely crazy!  It’s so hard to keep on top of because (a) there are 7 people contributing to the problem and only one of us (yours truly) who seems to care, (b) it’s difficult to go through everything myself without knowing the worth or use of each item to someone else, and (c) I get so overwhelmed at not knowing how to begin that I end up sticking my head – ostrich-like – into a book or the computer or tv or general Mommy Busyness.

Curious if anyone else is battling this problem of The Family Junk Piles(s) and if so, how are you dealing with it?  Are you just trying to tackle it room by room?  Do you give yourself 15 minutes to get done whatever you can?  Or, more like me, do you cringe every time you pass by, but remain too overwhelmed to begin?