Why Does 17 Seems SO Much Older Than 16?


For all you Moms of Young Children who just shrieked a little inside at the thought of having a 17yo daughter, two things:

  1. Imagine how *I* feel!
  2. Having teenagers is really quite wonderful.  I promise.  See, I’ve even written all about it.


  • awe! happy birthday kid! she looks happy. that’s the kind i want – not the surly ones!!!

    • She wouldn’t let me show the surly pictures of her. 😉 Just kidding…she has her moments, but she is mostly a chipper one!

  • Mine turned 16 in December. I only have one but “borrow” her friends as often as they’ll let me. I adore teens.

    • I think it’s so fun to be around a group of teenage friends. Just to sit and watch them, and listen, from the outside looking in. You can just see these bright new futures forming in front of you!

  • I keep repeating myself in your blog comments. sorry about that.

  • I hope she has a WONDERFUL day.
    We can sit and hold hands and cry. I have a 17 going on 18. Just typing that makes me cry.

    • I’m not sure I’m ready to think about 18 yet. As a matter of fact, I think we SHOULD hold hand and cry – this mothering stuff is tough! 🙂