My 3yo is Making Christmas Magical Again

eli and hannah with tree

As a mother of many children and owner of few dollars, Christmastime can be a bit…stressful.  Though I understand and practice the true meaning of Christmas, every year is the same “How is Mrs Claus going to make everyone’s spirits bright this year?” when it comes to presents.  It sorta kills the mood.  That’s why for the past two years, I’ve considered it a tiny “score” that our youngest was too young to understand the gimme-gimme in the air or expect a great haul on Christmas morn.  Last year we got away with giving him a jacket, for goodness sakes!

But this year, he is 3, and somewhere in his labyrinthine and probably sticky mind, a switch has flipped.  Everything has become wide eyes and CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points!!!





He repeatedly requests the Christmas movies in our DVR queue, and frequently reminds me in his best jumbled Perry Como impersonation, “It’s look a lot like Christmas!”

15 minutes after waking in the morning he pleads, “Mama, will you turn on the Christmas tree?” and sagely reminds me, “It’s not Christmas yet.  It’s Christmastime!”

Every snowman decoration he sees is “FROSTY THE SNOWMAN!” and he loves goofing with his reflection in the eight shiny ornaments he’s bunched together on the tree.

Last night he danced around the house with a roll of Christmas wrapping paper.  “I love it!  I love it!  I love it!” he cried.  Then he was hit with what the wrapping paper meant.  “Will I have presents?” he asked in wonder.  “Will I have presents IN MINE HOUSE?!”

When I told him yes, he was overjoyed and kept on dancing with his skinny paper partner.

So while he’s becoming aware of the gift connection with Christmas, he’s also embracing the wonder and excitement of the season.  And it’s infectious.  It makes me smile.  It makes my days happy and bright.

I’m so grateful for this young boy who has caused us to “start over” in so many ways, especially when it comes to making Christmas magical again.