Top Ten {Tuesday}: If Santa Were a Millionaire

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If you want to see a wonderful, earnest post about the true spirit of giving/getting at Christmas, please read last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post from Oh Amanda.  If, however, you don’t mind following my brief trip into selfish, gimme-gimme land, then proceed to my Top Ten  list of things I’d ask for If Santa Were a Millionaire.

An unbelievable home theater room.

Our family loves to watch movies, and we’ve created so many fun memories with that time together.  How awesome would it be to create the ultimate viewing room and amplify the excitement and experience?

A house full of furniture.

We own a beautiful, custom-built 8′ dining table my father-in-law made, and I love it. Same with a gorgeous hope chest he built me when I graduated from college. But every other piece of furniture we own is particle board, handed down, or garage sale finds. I’m not necessarily ashamed to have people see our mish-mash of furniture, but empty rooms and spaces and still living like we’re college kids gets very old sometimes.

New beds & bedding for everyone.


Now this one does make me feel ashamed, because of what we ask our children to sleep on.  Ten years ago we bought a cheap bunk bed set with appallingly thin mattresses with planks for support.  Three of our kids are still sleeping on those mattresses, with as many cheap pads as we’ve been able to buy to soften them up.  One of our daughters sleeps on a broken daybed that was given to us by a friend – who used it herself twenty years ago as a girl.  My husband and I sleep in a 10-year old bed as well, with enough peaks and valleys to give me aches and pains.  No one in our house has matching linens, either – all just a mish-mash of blankets and sheets.

A Dyson vacuum.


For the love of all that is good and right – and CLEAN – in this world, I am dying to own a Dyson vacuum.  We have 7 people, 2 cats, and 1 dog in a 3600 sq ft house – that’s A LOT of vacuuming!  And my current economy vacuum must be pulled apart for maintenance every month to keep up with the lame and feeble attempt it makes at keeping our house clean.  It causes me such grief and frustration, it’s almost embarrassing to admit.  But I just know the quality of my life would be vastly improved by the right vacuum.

A new refrigerator.

refrigMy husband cracks up at the commercial that asks “What’s standing in between you and a new refrigerator?  Your old refrigerator.”  And that’s just it:  our current refrigerator – an old, yellowed unit a friend pulled out of their garage for us to have 7 years ago – still runs, so why replace it?  I guess I would just love something bigger, more efficient, and one that didn’t need a piece of twine and some duct tape to keep one of the door’s shelves in place.  That’s all.

New washer/dryer set.


Yes, our old set still runs, too.  We paid $70 for a used set several years ago, and though there aren’t very many settings, and the inside of the washer stinks beyond relief, they get the job done.  I would just love for them to get more done at a time, and more efficiently.

A Wii for our family.


Or at least the privilege of having our current unit FIXED (though fixing one costs nearly as much as the reduced-prices on the new ones these days!).  Our Wii system pooped out in August, and our kids have been sad without it.  We use the Wii for fitness, for family fun, and for just goofing around.  It’s really been a bummer without it, because now we realize how much we used it together.

A Wii for my parents.


Or for my mom, at least.  She’s expressed interest in using Wii Fit for exercise, and because I have loved mine, I would truly enjoy being able to gift one to her.

A family trip to NYC during Christmastime.

nyc christmas

It was such a joy and blessing to visit NYC for the first time at BlogHer.  I’ve thought about the city frequently since then, and would love to bring my family back to see it for themselves.  I would especially love to see it at Christmastime, to feel the holiday spirit in every inch of the city.  I expect it would be a wondrous experience, and I would love to share that with my husband and kids.

One month with a team of capable, competent helpers for every area of my life.

house help

A housekeeper, a nanny, a cook, a chauffeur, a tutor, a dog groomer, a gardener, a mechanic, and a household Mr. Fix-It:  wouldn’t it be GREAT to have a month’s worth of any or all of those?  I feel like if I could get comprehensive help for one month, I might be able to get off this busy ride and take a moment to breath.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

Now, I hope it goes without saying that I am grateful for all the wonderful, working things I *do* have.  I appreciate all of the many gifts God has given me.  It’s just that sometimes I like to dream.  Don’t we all?  Do you have anything you’d put on your list if Santa were a millionaire?  Do tell!