Music Review: Tiger Suit, by KT Tunstall

I fell in love with KT Tunstall the second I watched her live January 2007 performance of “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree” on a popular UK late show (click the link to watch a video of the performance – it’s brilliant!).  I eagerly purchased the her first CD, Eye to the Telescope, and loved nearly every song.  I bought her second CD, Drastic Fantastic, and found a few gems to love.  Now KT Tunstall has released her third CD, Tiger Suit, and already has a Top 20 hit from it (“Fade Like a Shadow“).

I received a copy of Tiger Suit for review as a member of the One2One Network.  There is something so raw and confident about Tunstall’s voice; she doesn’t sound like anyone else on the radio, in my opinion.  She brings the same muscular lyrics and beats from her previous CD’s to some of the Tiger Suit songs, and for me, that’s when she’s at her finest.  Some things fall apart on other tracks, though, with a feeling of over-mixing or synthesizing; her voice gets lost in the mash-up of instruments.  Some songs cross a line from being powerful to almost aggressive, and there’s a primal quality to the background vocals looped through many of the songs.

There is still a lot of fun to be had with Tiger Suit, especially from the pulsating tracks “Push That Knot Away” and “Come On, Get In,” as well as the tightly-wound “Uummannaq Song” (Uummannaq is a town in northern Greenland).  “Fade Like a Shadow” is a catchy tune and deserving of its Top 20 status.  Overall, I would give the CD a B-/C+, but in the future would like to see Tunstall stripped back down to rely more fully on the phenomenon of her voice.

For more information (and to preview the songs!):

*Disclosure:  I received a copy of Tiger Suit for review from the One2One Network.  By posting this review, I am entered into a drawing for a gift card.  I received no other compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed are honest and my own.