Doing What It Takes

My emotional life has been feeling very much like this lately:

house of cards

and it makes me want to spend all my time here:

big comfy bed

while wishing someone would swoop in and do all my work


and take amazing care of my children


but I know when a particular voice chirps “check it out, Mommy!”


it’s *me* he wants…it’s *me* they all want, and need


and I need to pull myself together


get myself situated


and keep on keepin’ on.


  • @KimMoldofsky

    I’m laughing so much I’m forgetting to feel sympathetic! Do keep calm and carry on. I hope something comes along to brighten your day or lighten your load.

    • Ok, so I wasn’t so much going for “laughter” as a reaction, but you know what? It works! 🙂 And if I can’t laugh, then all is lost. So thanks for the reminder!!

  • Jenlynnthomas

    I’m so with you! Great pics!

  • tired

    I am so with you. I feel exhausted just to wake up and face a new day, thinking of all that needs to get done and cared for. The only desire I’m left with is tired and wanting to go back to bed for more rest. I’m wondering if there’s a little pick me up pill or if I need to grin and bear it. I don’t want to carry this load any longer, however I don’t know how to put it down or give it to The One who I know can is there to help me. The pictures are perfect in every way!

    • Yes – exhausted, tired, worn out. I’ve been feeling all those things. BUT, there are so many more reasons to rejoice, and I’m working hard to find them. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to take care of ourselves, you know? Lick wounds, heal, whatever. Just REST. I hope you make some time to do that, as I’ve been trying to do. And then pick yourself up and move along. There’s too much good stuff to miss. Best of luck to you (and me)! 🙂

  • Motherhoodandme

    I have that same poster on canvas perched right where I can see it everyday in my office. “Keep Calm Carry On” is all we can ever do. Some days it is easier than others, but it is all we can do. I hear you sister. *hugs*

    • When I’m being really honest with myself, I realize that given my situation and circumstances (and all I struggle against internally), I’m actually doing a pretty dang good job of “carrying on.” We don’t pat ourselves on the back enough, do we? Well, here’s ME patting YOU on the back! We deserves it, lady!! 🙂 *hugs to you, too*

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m glad I have a younger sister who is also a Christian that I can call when I feel like that. Some how she’s always able to make me look at things the right way and get back to what needs to be done.

    • Oh, that’s so important, and it’s almost always the first thing I forget to do – talk with someone else, share my load, borrow some perspective from someone else. It’s great that you have that! Thanks for the reminder that I have that, too.

  • Jennelsonlane

    Wow. I feel like this lately, too and I only have like 1/5 of the children you do! Hang in there, take a deep breath and don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re an amazing mom, friend and lady. XOXO

    • Thank you so much, Jen! And 1 kid or 5, they all take all our time, right? A mom is a mom is a mom. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet note. {hugs!}