Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 Pics from Maddy’s 14th

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My second daughter, Maddy, turned 14 yesterday.  I could write volumes about how completely entranced I am by this child.  She is funny, unique, confident, brilliant, and so totally her own person.  I actually have written some volumes about her on this blog:  about the speech she gave at school, her Weird Al Yankovic solo at school, and her determination to try, despite likely failure.

She is just a fabulous person.  I asked her again and again what she wanted for her birthday, and she kept saying she wanted to DO more rather than HAVE more.  The result was a day spending lots of time with each other as a family, having fun and making memories.  It was her birthday, but she gave us a gift.  Here now are 10 Pics from Maddy’s 14th (click on each for a larger view):

Maddy with Icee

#1. Maddy and I went first thing in the morning to hang out at the mall, buy comic books, smelly lotions, lots of candy, and stop for an Icee!

bumper cars

#2. Maddy also requested a trip for the kids to play bumper cars. Every picture turned out blurry, because of course they were always on the move!


#3. There was a fun arcade where the bumper cars were, so we stayed and played for quite a while. Eli never quite got the ball up the SkeeBall ramp, but he still had fun.

tiny carousel

#4. Hannah was a great pal to Eli yesterday, and stayed with him all over the arcade. Including on this tiny carousel!

Abby mini bowling

#5. Abby kept busy for a little while on the mini bowling lanes.

eli on motorcycle

#6. That's one big bike for one little boy!

Isaac on motorcycle

#7. Of course, Isaac had to get his turn, too.

maddy and hannah

#8. Maddy and Hannah strike an amusing pose. 🙂

maddy and her pie

#9. Maddy and her slice of pumpkin pie, her special birthday request.

the birthday girl

#10. Happy 14th, Maddy!