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Homecoming.  What a time of year.  Our oldest daughter is 16 years old, a junior in high school, and just attended her first Homecoming dance on Saturday night.  Of course we took pictures, and just minutes after she left, I sat looking at the images on the computer with tears in my eyes and my heart feeling simultaneously whole and broken.  But there in the moment with her, here’s 10 Thoughts I Had While Taking This Picture.

Hannah ready for Homecoming

  1. Where’s my little girl?!  Where’s the 3yo, curly-haired blonde who said “newies” instead of “movies” and kept us constantly on our toes?!  Who is this nearly-grown woman?
  2. How’d she get so darned pretty?  She’s just beautiful!  I never remember being that pretty (or thin…by golly, this one’s thin!) as a teenager.
  3. I’m so proud of her for choosing a modest, age-appropriate outfit.  I’m so grateful there was never a fight, or even a discussion.  (tip:  for local friends, we bought it at The Silver Hanger, where you can find all sorts of lovely, modest, age-appropriate formal wear!)
  4. I love that she didn’t fuss too much over getting herself ready.  Smart and simple, that’s her style.  And practical – since she told me she’d probably sweat off any make-up anyway.
  5. I also love that she went with my suggestion of wearing simple pearls, and that the necklace and bracelet are both mine.  A little piece of me will be with her tonight.
  6. Even though she is so giddy with excitement, and worried that her date will pull up at any time and she’ll be robbed of making a grand display of herself, she is being so patient in letting me get my pictures of her.
  7. Look at her standing there with her shoulders back and her arms at her side.  What a good girl, humoring her mother like that.  Now if we could permanently eliminate her hunched shoulders!
  8. I love that she stopped first to say goodbye to all her siblings before coming outside.
  9. What will this night bring for her?
  10. I hope she has nothing but great fun and ease and happy memories of tonight!

to see other pictures of Homecoming, visit this public photo album

  • What a beautiful daughter you have! And I LOVE the dress. You are doing such a wonderful job as a mother! After listening to Elder Lawrence’s talk yesterday I feel like I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. I hope in fifteen years, when my baby is sixteen, I will be doing as well as you are. 🙂

  • Oh Stacy! She is absolutely gorgeous… and I love her dress.

  • Jenlynnthomas

    I too wanted to applaud Hannah’s choice of dress. I’ve been noticing the homecoming and prom dress choices of our YW for a while now and have often been disappointed. Thank her (and yourself) for me for giving me a reason to smile at some dance pictures!

  • Jennelsonlane

    She looks beautiful! I hope she had a grand time.

  • Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

    She looks lovely! They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  • Beautiful. My first thought was “what a great dress!” Gorgeous and classy, much better than what I usually see.

  • jubilee

    So sweet. And lovely for sure.

  • Sweetest post! She IS gorgeous. I’m not thinking about my 4yo right now…I’m not!!

  • Mandi@itscome2this

    Stacey she is beautiful!!! And such a sweet post!

  • Jessica Morgan

    She is beautiful – I can see why you had to choke the tears back 🙂

  • She’s beatiful. A proud mommy moment, for sure. 🙂

    I can’t even imagine my boys at this milestone, though I’ve already reworked my pre-dating coaching session a million times in my head. I bet it’s surreal to look at Eli and Hannah at the same time and think of the journey it’s been.

  • Amy

    I cried just reading this post and looking at your wonderful and modest daughter. I have been thinking alot lately about how fast my kids are growing up and trying hard to live in the moment and not dwell too much on how sad I will be when they are all grown! I hope that my kids follow your daughter’s example in every way, what a great girl you have!!

  • Aww, what a great post! Your daughter is beautiful!! Hope she had a wonderful time 🙂