TV Review: Sid the Science Kid – New Season and New Toys

A quick poll of Facebook friends about PBS Kids’ Sid the Science Kid yielded some glowing reviews:

“They have some good solid science information and present it in a way that my kids remember. My 7 year old still talks about stuff he’s learned on the show.”

“My five year old loves the show. She still talks about what Sid and his friends discovers for weeks after we watched it. She even drew a picture with a lever and fulcrum.”

“As a scientist myself I love having them get introduced to more science. I like the content and even the songs.”

These parents and kids should be excited, then, for the new season of Sid the Science Kid, which includes 12 new episodes and begins Monday, October 4.

We were sent a screener DVD of three full episodes of the new season, with the episodes covering such scientific concepts as friction, elasticity, and inertia.  The new season follows the same format as last year, with Sid, his family, his friends, and preschool teacher interacting, singing, asking questions, and getting to the bottom of the things they find most mysterious in the world around them.

I love that Sid the Science Kid includes a full, supportive family, including a mom, dad, and grandmother.  Too many kids shows either eliminate or minimize the importance of adult family members, but here, everyone is important and contributes.  My husband and I sometimes chuckle over the impossibility of a preschool with only four kids, but we do appreciate the diverse, positive friendships Sid has, and his engaged teacher.

We were also sent a Sid the Science Kid Microphone and a Sid the Science Kid Learning Kit (Why are Wheels Round?) for our 3yo son to review.

The Microphone looks just like the one Sid has in the show, and includes buttons for music, applause, laughter, and echo effects.  My son has a great time with this microphone, running around our house with his own entertainment and sounds effects.  Yes, the variety of noises (and especially the Sid the Science Kid theme song) can get a bit jarring on my nerves, but it’s easy enough to deal with so my son can have his fun.

The Why Are Wheels Round? Learning Kit was a fun little project my daughter did with our 3yo.  The kit includes an easy-to-assemble car with different sized wheels and various rubber bands that help to show how wheels travel, work through friction, and more.

*Disclosure:  We were sent the screener DVD of Sid the Science Kid, the Sid the Science Kid Microphone, and the Sid the Science Kid Learning Science Kit to facilitate this review.  I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Amazon Affiliate links are included in this post.

*original post included a giveaway of one of the toys