Children’s Book Review: I’m Not Sleepy, by Jonathan Allen

We were recently introduced to children’s author Jonathan Allen, and the sassy Baby Owl from his “I’m Not…” series of books (Hyperion Books for Children).  In “I’m Not Sleepy,” Baby Owl adopts the iconic defense that most sleepy, grumpy children do in trying to avoid bedtime.  But what’s unique for Baby Owl is that he’s awake while others are asleep, and as the day dawns, he doesn’t want to miss a thing, no matter how tired he is.

My 3yo son really enjoys “I’m Not Sleepy,” probably because Baby Owl is quite the character and lends himself to the reader (that would be me!) coming up with a great voice and animated gestures.  Baby Owl is also pretty funny, considering how he explains his closed eyes as simply that he “is thinking.”  (I’ve heard that excuse in church before!)  My son laughs the hardest when Woodpecker and Baby Owl meet, and I especially appreciate Papa Owl as he calls Baby Owl out on his grumpy attitude.

I’m Not Sleepy” joins other books with Baby Owl by Jonathan Allen:  “I’m Not Cute,” “I’m Not Scared,” and “I’m Not Santa.”  You can even buy an adorable plush of Baby Owl to help you read the stories to your little ones!

*Disclosure:  I received this book from Hyperion Books for Children in order to facilitate this review.  I received no other compensation, and the opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Amazon Affiliate links are included in this review.