Vision, Refined

My 13yo daughter has had glasses since she was four. Every time I accompany her to the eye doctor, I’m amazed by the equipment and the process of checking my daughter’s vision. The doctor will flip a series of dials and lenses and ask, “Is it better with 1 or 2? 2 or 3? 3 or 4?” Sometimes the differences are incremental and my daughter has to answer (after biting her lip in thought), “They’re about the same.” But sometimes I see her smile with relief as she confidently reports visual clarity.

My life this year has been like an eye exam. Some experiences have left my vision blurry, some incredibly sharp. And then others have only served to fine-tune what I was seeing before. Just like an eye doctor eventually arrives at a sound prescription, I feel confident that my efforts and experience will lead to a clear and refined vision of my future.