The Psychology of Texas Weather

According to my California-bred, long-time Oregon resident brain, when a day looks like this:

rainy day

the temperature should look something like this:

cooler temps

But here in Texas, you end up happy – even in the middle of September – if it’s cooled down to this:

texas temps

(Yes, these pictures were taken on the same day, under the same rain cloud.)

It’s still downright bizarre to me, the mix of cloudy and rainy and warm.  I also find it rather twisted that in order to have a real, live RAINY DAY in Houston, you have to hope that the most recent tropical storm sits over you for a day or two.  (by the way, thank you Hermine – you’re the only thing that has felt remotely like Fall around here)

If you have never lived in SE Texas, then perhaps  you don’t know, but there aren’t really what you would call RAINY DAYS here.  There are DAYS when it will RAIN, but precious few days when the rain persists and you have a full sunrise-to-sunset day of hot cocoa and pj vibes.

I miss those kinds of days desperately.  So, even if it takes a tropical storm to usher one in, I’ll take it.  Hermine is long gone, but I’m watching like a hawk.

Boy, the psychology of weather in Texas is warped!

  • Anonymous

    I think constant heat is wearing. I’m glad I don’t live there. My hubby keeps talking about wanting to move to Arizona when he retires. Yuck, too hot there too. I’d miss my mountains, and even though I live in the dessert part of the state where I’m from, all I have to do is drive one city North or one town West and then you’re back in the cooler temperatures. I’d love to live one town west of where I do, it’s smaller and quieter, besides cooler. Ahh well, we’ll see what God has planned for us. I think the Rapture will happen before the retirement move will.

    • The constant heat is *very* wearing on me, and on my attitude. And you’re right – I don’t think living in Arizona would be much better. 🙂 I’d love to get back to my Oregon – sure, it’s pretty wet, but at least there is a wealth of natural beauty to compensate for it!