Music Review: David Garrett’s Rock Symphonies

Ok, I’m going to be honest here.  German violinist extraordinaire David Garrett strikes me as a campy mix between Kurt Cobain and Edward Cullen; the pictures on the insert to his new CD Rock Symphonies had my daughters and I giggling just a little.  But then we put the music on and forgot all about Garrett’s straggly blond hair, heavily made-up eyes, and come-hither looks.  This guy is crazy talented, and his music seriously ROCKS.

With Rock Symphonies, Garrett attacks well-known music from both rock and classical genres with his intense violin skills, backed up by a full orchestra and a few electric guitars.  You’ve never heard Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, or Paul McCartney quite this way.  But even if rock isn’t necessarily your genre of choice (which is the case with me), you’ll find the passion and fury of these songs contagious.  Rock Symphonies also includes fervent renditions of Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony, Bach’s Toccata, and more.  I found myself totally enthralled with this CD, and will definitely be putting it on my “workout” and “pick me up” playlists.

Here’s a video interview with Garrett and a sampling of his style in the Rock Symphonies project and accompanying special on PBS:

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  1. Amy says:

    I learned how to play the saxophone in Jr High, but I am sure I could not play now. I would love to know how to play piano!!

  2. Mnemosyne says:

    I am a classical music major in college with Voice as my primary instrument. I also play piano – but not very well.

  3. madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I actually played violin from kindergarten to the 4th grade but as an adult I do not think I would remember how now.

  4. Rachel D says:

    Oh for crying out loud, bummed that I missed this one because I play the violin. I even get your email feed so I must have overlooked this. I watched the video and I’m not really sure what to think of these arrangements. Sometimes I’m in the mood for rock, sometimes for classical (though never the boring stuff). I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to marry the two quite this way, but maybe I just need to have my mind expanded a little bit.

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