My Busy Kit: Travel Activities for Toddlers {Review}

On our recent road trip, it was no surprise that the hardest child to entertain was our 2yo son.  While the other kids could escape into their electronic games, books, word puzzles, or games together, Eli was left largely on his own, not having the skills needed to keep up with them.

Fortunately, a pair of entreprenuerial moms – Annabel Heinemann and Lorraine Akemann of Redwood City, California – had been in the same position of needing to entertain a toddler during many hours of travel, and together they created My Busy Kit – a collection of fun activities for toddlers and young children.  They were kind enough to send us a kit for Eli to review on our trip.

My Busy Kit comes in a zipped, clear plastic bag with a handle, and includes several items in each of four categories:  color and draw, play and pretend, create and construct, and discovery.  The available contents of each My Busy Kit may change over time, but there will always be something from each of those categories included.

Eli’s particular Busy Kit came with several items that kept his interest – the interlocking building pieces, the cute dinosaur tape measure, the drawing pad and scalloped scissors.  Now, these may all be items I could have purchased and assembled on my own, but I have to admit there is a convenience factor for having it already done, and for meeting so many different creative needs of this age group.  And it’s awfully cute to see Eli carrying his little bag around when he wants to take it from here to there.

While I do like that there are several items for him to choose from – which means there’s always something that piques his interest – I have learned to supervise him a bit when he’s playing with his Busy Kit (which he does now even at home, when we’re not traveling!), otherwise, he’ll unload every item from the bag, and it’s a lot to clean up.  I suppose that’s true of all his toys, though! 🙂

My Busy Kit is a neat product that meets a particular need and offers a new resource to parents and kids on the go.