27 Days of Vacation, And We Managed to Pick a Favorite

Within an hour of reaching home at the end of our month-long road trip, I asked the kids to reflect on our 6,000 miles together.  I posed the question:  “What do you think was your favorite day?”

There were a lot to choose from.  We drove on historic Route 66, taking a picture at the Continental Divide in New Mexico, and later that day visiting a huge meteor crater in Arizona.  We went to the Grand Canyon.  We played in the surf at a San Diego beach.  We spent precious time with family and friends, even visiting our family’s beloved hometown in Oregon.

We drove Idaho’s Thousand Springs Scenic Byway, visiting the impressive Shoshone Falls at the end:

We drove the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway between Utah and Wyoming and saw Upper Provo River Falls, Bald Mountain, and Mirror Lake:

We went off the beaten path outside of Colorado Springs to visit The Garden of the Gods:

But our absolutely unanimous, favorite day of vacation?

The day we spent in and around Fort Collins, Colorado.

We got to visit the office of Sprig Toys – an experience that we found so fun, creative, and inspiring that I’ll be writing an entire post about it.

We ate at a fabulous new burger place in downtown Fort Collins called Big Al’s.  The food was FANTASTIC and the service was AMAZING.  I drove around the block four times just to get a parking spot, and it was SO WORTH IT.

Then we drove up to nearby Estes Park to the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had to drive through Big Thompson Canyon, right along the Big Thompson River, and the views were spectacular.  I didn’t get any pictures since I was driving (and there were precious few turnouts), but it was breathtaking.

Once we got to Estes Park, we decided to take the Airtram (like a gondola) up the side of a mountain for a spectacular view.

Then we stayed in town a bit longer to play at a nearby family fun center.

So many memories and so much fun.  Our time in Fort Collins was the perfect combination of great weather, gorgeous location, nice people, and a wealth of outdoor activities.  Next time, we’d love to spend a week there and enjoy ourselves even more!