Portable Versions of Our Favorite HASBRO Games

We absolutely, positively over packed our van for our #NerdsGoWest trip.  Every nook, cranny, lap, and  cup holder were occupied – which is why it was nice to have some of our favorite HASBRO games in such handy, portable versions along for the ride.

HASBRO very generously sent us these recently-released card games for review.

Each of these games re-imagines what you expect from the boardgames and lets you play on the go.  Our favorite was the Scrabble Slam! card game.

You play by starting with one (family appropriate, of course!) four-letter word, and then racing your opponent(s) to change the word one letter at a time by using the letter cards you were dealt at the beginning.  We found it was fast and fun, and a great chance for the kids to brush up on their vocabulary skills.

HASBRO also sent us two of their Pocket Pogo Touch-Screen games:  Scrabble and Yahtzee.

My husband dominated the Scrabble Pogo for much of the trip, he enjoyed it that much!  We’ve owned hand-held electronic games like this before, but we all enjoyed the new touch-screen feature and savvy addition of the stylus.  Also, these games have added usability by connecting with the ClubPogo.com website; you get a free 30-day membership to the site with any purchase of a Pocket Pogo game, and you earn additional tokens and badges on the site when you play these touchscreen Pocket Pogos.

Finally – no question, our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE treat sent to us by HASBRO – the new BOGGLE REINVENTION.

Boggle has been a family favorite for years, but over time we’ve had to scramble to find lost letter cubes, locate the timer, and then there’s the thundering shake-a-shake-a-shake-a of the case during play.  This newly-formatted Boggle is perfect for travel, and has no parts to lose.  Everything is self contained – a truly unique design allows you to (quietly) shake the cubes and set them up for the game, and a built-in timer starts when you’re ready.  I love it!  It probably seems silly to be so enthusiastic about a game, but I’m just really impressed how the designers were able to take a great product and make it even better (and much more practical).

*Disclosure:  These games were sent to me by HASBRO for review.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.  I received no additional compensation for this post.