Home Again, Begin Again

I got 2 weeks, 2 days into our #NerdsGoWest trip before my every intention to blog simply went:  KAPUT!  I continued to post updates on Twitter and Facebook, but stealing any amount of time to fully post on our adventures was hard to do – especially given how exhausted we were at the end of every day.  I will backtrack with notes and pictures, though, as well as reviews on products we traveled with, so stay tuned.

I can tell you that coming home has been an unexpectedly strange experience.  I walked into our house at 10:30pm on Friday night and my immediate thought was:  it’s just SO empty.  My house felt hollow, it felt huge.  For 27 days I traveled 6,178 miles with my family, and was hardly very far from them.  We often slept all in one room together, or in various groups or pairs.  And of course, the hours upon hours of time in the car created tight circles of conversation and memories.  Life got very small, very close, very compact.  Walking into 3600 sq ft of living space suddenly made ME feel small, and like I had been cut loose from something precious.

I learned many lessons on this trip, some of which I hope to share over the next couple of weeks, but one major theme stands out:  I can do with so much less of the worldly things.  My needs are simple, chief among them:  MY FAMILY.  I’m grateful for the renewed confidence in knowing that no matter what the future brings in terms of where or how we live, being together will be enough for me.