Top Ten {Tuesday}: 10 Things I’ve Learned About My Family During 2 Weeks of Travel

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We have been on the road 16 days, have traveled approximately 3,500 miles, and for the most part have been sleeping in close quarters.  “Family togetherness” has taken on a whole new meaning.  Here now are 10 Things I’ve Learned About My Family During 2 Weeks of Travel:

  1. My 9yo grinds his teeth at night.  It makes me flinch almost as violently as when I hear a mosquito buzz in my ear.
  2. My three teenage girls take forever to get ready.  I honestly didn’t know this before we left because they tend to get up early enough to do everything they need to without keeping the rest of us waiting.  I have spent a lot of time on this trip waiting.
  3. My 2yo son doesn’t sleep in the car.  At all.  He does, however, get extremely loud and obnoxious.  I’m the only one brave enough to sit next to him anymore.
  4. I still get carsick if I’m not the driver or front passenger.  Which has consequently made sitting next to my loud, obnoxious, non-sleeping 2yo that much more fun.
  5. If we are determined, we can drive from Flagstaff to San Diego with only 1 1/2 stops.
  6. My kids can be convinced to use most porta-potties, but some are beyond an open mind (hence the 1/2 stop).
  7. My husband is happy driving in a totally silent car.
  8. I prefer to have music or a book on CD playing while I drive.
  9. Our kids each have a great sense of humor.
  10. After 11 hours in the car, though, nothing amuses them.