10 Games Cars Play on the Interstate

Having driven some 760 miles in the last two days, I’ve had plenty of time to observe the charming games cars play with each other – or on their own – while driving long-distance on the interstate.

  1. Monopoly – hanging out in the left lane when you have no intention (or ability) to pass anyone
  2. Pacman – driving down the middle of the freeway, either because you’re taking your sweet time changing lanes or because you’re spacing out
  3. Slip & Slide – dangerously riding either edge of your lane, but rarely ever the middle where you belong
  4. Hangman – sitting to the left and just behind a car in the right lane so they can’t pass the slow car in front of them and instead have to slam on their brakes while you leisurely pass by
  5. Peekaboo – when a huge truck in the right lane suddenly moves to reveal a smaller, slower car they are tailgating
  6. Leapfrog – otherwise known as “I Pass You, You Pass Me”
  7. Name That Tune – driving close enough to see what’s playing on the DVD player in the car in front of you
  8. Simon Says – finding a car that is going a consistent speed and then forming a sort of buddy system with them, changing lanes when they change, etc
  9. Guess Who? – stopping at the same rest stop/gas station as someone you’ve been driving nearby all day
  10. Monkey in the Middle – slipping into that space in between two cars that is really meant to be a safety zone

I must confess, I’ve played a game or two listed here while on this road trip.  How about you – have you ever seen or participated in any of these interstate games?