So Many Words To Choose From

If you know me, then maybe you know that I’m actually quite phobic about driving.  I have my little 5-mile comfort radius and rarely travel beyond that (and almost NEVER on freeways!).  The idea of even taking this trip with my kids has been so out of character, but I’ve talked myself into it by reasoning that it’s BIGGER THAN ME.  It’s about the kids, it’s about family, it’s about memories.  It’s NOT about my fears.

So as I sat in Sunday school at church today and suddenly felt panicked and nauseous about what I’m about to do (drive to San Diego all! by! myself!), I decided that I had more words to choose from than just fear.

I can choose






I received a blessing from my husband and friend tonight, and I know that their Priesthood power will continue to sustain my faith as we make our journey.  We’re packing the car as I type – in fact, I need to get this laptop loaded! – and ready for our first stop (a short day, just to get a hop on tomorrow) to San Antonio.

I’ll have my co-pilot of the day (my three daughters are rotating duties) text updates to Facebook and Twitter as we travel, and I’ll try to blog each night as we stop.