Preparing for Our #NerdsGoWest Summer Road Trip

Funny thing about taking a month-long cross-country road trip:  it requires A LOT OF PLANNING!  (who knew!)  I have lists upon lists of things “to do” or take care of before we leave.  Some things are big, some are little, but they all seem to point to greater peace of mind for me once we’re actually on the road.  Here’s just 10 of the more than 100 things I’ve got to do before the launch of our #NerdsGoWest summer trip:

  1. Get the mp3 loaded with audio books and music. (we have a connector to the car radio)
  2. Take kids to the library for some fresh in-the-car entertainment.
  3. Test out exactly how many suitcases we can fit into the back of our van.
  4. Decide if we’re really going to try to rig a small TV with the Wii in the van!  (the kids are working hard to convince me this is possible AND an absolute “necessity”)
  5. Write up all the information needed for the wonderful family fostering our puppy and for the friends who will come to the house and check on the cat.
  6. Take a call from Open Sky on Thursday about the launch of my new store in August.  (whoop!whoop!)
  7. Make sure all bills are paid through July so I don’t have to worry about due dates while on vacation.
  8. Get all the dishes washed and garbages dumped before we leave!
  9. Start taking loads of vitamin C now, stock up on Airborne and get First Aid kit (with necessary meds!) put together.
  10. Take kids clothes shopping for a few more summer outfits.

So…uh, yeah…I’m BUSY.  The kids and I leave Sunday.  THIS Sunday.  First stop – a hop over to Boerne, TX so we can get a jump on a long day to Las Cruces.  Stay tuned for a few more frantic posts before we leave, and then some live-blogging from the road!!