States We’ll Visit on the #NerdsGoWest Summer Road Trip Series

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This summer we are taking our 5 kids more than 5,400 miles across 12 states in 27 days.
We’re calling it the #NerdsGoWest Summer Road Trip Series.
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Here now are 11 (I cheated a little on the top “ten”) states we’ll be visiting (I didn’t count Texas – the 12th – because we live here.  But we’ll still be seeing lots of it that is new to us).  Check out our route map for more details and let me know if we’ll be in your neck of the woods!

  1. New Mexico (Las Cruces)
  2. Arizona (Flagstaff)
  3. California (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Sonoma, Redding)
  4. Oregon (Hillsboro, The Dalles)
  5. Washington (Walla Walla)
  6. Idaho (just driving through!)
  7. Utah (Logan)
  8. Wyoming (just driving through!)
  9. Colorado (Denver)
  10. Kansas (Hays)
  11. Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)