What My 2yo Son Knows about Being a Real Man

Me & Eli

Lately, my 2yo son Eli and I have been having exhanges that go a little something like this:

ELI:  [misbehaves/does something naughty]

ME:  [raise my voice and express my displeasure]

ELI:  [voice cracking, eyes sincere…]  I sorry, Mom.  I sorry.  I sorry.  I sorry.  [continued ad infinitum until I interrupt by saying…]

MEOkay, Eli, come here.  [with every intention of telling him exactly what he did wrong and why I’m upset]

ELI:  [coming to me, taking my face in his hands, kissing me before I can say anything]

ME:  [melting……..]

So husbands:  try that next time your wife is upset.  And wives:  let him.