What My 2yo Son Knows about Being a Real Man

Me & Eli

Lately, my 2yo son Eli and I have been having exhanges that go a little something like this:

ELI:  [misbehaves/does something naughty]

ME:  [raise my voice and express my displeasure]

ELI:  [voice cracking, eyes sincere…]  I sorry, Mom.  I sorry.  I sorry.  I sorry.  [continued ad infinitum until I interrupt by saying…]

MEOkay, Eli, come here.  [with every intention of telling him exactly what he did wrong and why I’m upset]

ELI:  [coming to me, taking my face in his hands, kissing me before I can say anything]

ME:  [melting……..]

So husbands:  try that next time your wife is upset.  And wives:  let him.

  • I’d say that’s good advice! My 3YO is starting to do that more and more– little stinker!
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  • Sheri

    Too cute! My 14 -almost 15 year old son has started responding to any scolding (or nagging, yes I do that!) by saying “I love you”. That’s it, that’s all he says. Now the first few times, I did melt, because getting my teenage son to say that without me saying it first is priceless. But now, not so much, lol. Very smart kid, but he needs to mix it up a bit with a “I’m sorry” thrown in for good measure!

    What works for a toddler might not work for a teenager 🙂
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