Celtic Woman “Songs from the Heart” Tour {Review}

A while ago I was able to review the new Celtic Woman CD “Songs from the Heart” and offer a fabulous giveaway.  I was also given the amazing opportunity to review the Celtic Woman “Songs from the Heart” live show at Houston’s Toyota Center, but was unable to attend because of prior family commitments.  Instead, I sent my good friend (and local blogger) Dallas in my place to give us her review of the show!


I’ll just come right out and say it, I loved this concert. I only had a vague idea of who Celtic Woman was, but I’m pretty much game for anything Celtic or Irish, so I readily accepted the tickets Stacey offered.

To start off, those of you who don’t know who Celtic Woman are here’s a quick synopsis.

They are 4 Irish singers and a seriously cool fiddle player…

…with amazing back up from a 6 member choir, a piano player, two guys on guitar, ukulele and bass, one playing Irish flute, tin whistle and the Uillean Pipes (Irish bagpipes, pr. ill-un), a Scottish bagpiper and two seriously awesome percussionists that played so many different things that if I named them all we’d be here all night! But I do have to mention one instrument they used and that’s the bodhran’s (pr. bough-rawn). I love the sound of the bodhran! Best I can tell you it’s a round drum that you hold in one hand and “play” either bare handed or with a small piece of wood.

From left to right the singers are Alex Sharpe, Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly and Lynn Hilary with Mairead Nesbitt (rhymes with parade) on the fiddle.

Most songs are solos for each woman, including Mairead on the fiddle, but a few songs bring them all together and it’s just amazing to hear the gorgeous harmonies they can make. I was unfamiliar with about half the songs they sang, recognized a few and knew about a handful enough that I could sing along with them (which they encourage!!). We were down on the floor tenth row so I could see all the facial expressions of everyone on the stage and I could see just how much they enjoy their “job.” Each one, at one point, spoke to us giving a bit of background about the song they would sing or a quick personal anecdote or both. It was rainy that day and Chloe laughed that they’d brought the Irish weather with them.

I enjoyed all the songs, but a few stood out to me. They did a version of Enya’s Oronoco Flow and Amazing Grace that blew me away. They had the Scottish bagpiper come in from the back of the arena playing the first verse as he walked to the stage and they joined him to sing two verses. I’ve got chills just remembering it.

If you’re a fan of amazing women’s voices and great music with a bit of a Celtic feel, this is the concert for you. I’m definitely buying tickets the next time they’re in Houston!

There are MANY Celtic Woman “Songs from the Heart” Tour dates left – they are visiting much of the US and Canada through mid-September!  CHECK HERE FOR DATES AND CITIES.

And to get an idea of what you can expect from the concert, here’s the trailer for the show, done as a special for PBS:

*Disclosure:  Two tickets to Celtic Woman “Songs from the Heart” at Houston’s Toyota Center were provided by Team Mom Media/Music Moms in order to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was given, and the opinions expressed are the honest impressions of today’s guest blogger.