Isaac’s 9th Birthday

Q:  What do wood glue, Darth Vader, and bowling have in common?

A:  My son’s 9th birthday!

All he asked for were some Lego sets, and if we could afford it, specifically the Darth Vader TIE Fighter set.

Darth Vadar TIE Fighter Lego

We could – in fact – afford it (though I thought it was so sweet of him to be concerned), and even got him the X-Wing Fighter set.

X-Wing Fighter Lego

Now…where does the wood glue come in?  Well, though these Lego sets are mostly mobile, we have several other Lego sets that are meant to build and stay in place (ie:  Harry Potter classrooms, etc).  The kids have never had a good place to work on their Lego scenes, so my husband and I decided to take an old, unused end table of ours, buy the basic Lego building plates and use wood glue to affix the plates to the top of the end table.  Viola! – a Lego table that doesn’t cost in excess of $75!

Asides from Legos, the only other thing our son wanted for his birthday was for us to go bowling as a family.  I was *not* super excited about this because I knew the 2yo would be a challenge, but I was sufficiently humbled when I saw that even he was happy to be out as a whole family.  I couldn’t get any great pictures (since my 2yo took and hid my digital camera a few months ago and I have yet to find it!), but these were taken with my camera and give an idea of the fun we had.

The whole family bowls!

(I was so glad the place was slow that night, since we obviously took up a ton of space!!)

Eli bowling

(Eli surprised me by being excited to try bowling. Here he is with the metal ramp they provided him, and he's pointing with excitement as his ball goes down the lane!)

Isaac bowling

(Even a poor-quality picture can't hide his happiness. Happy Birthday!)